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Are duolingo chatbots dead?

It has been more than a year now and the chatbots are still not available on Android or web. I haven't heard anything about the chatbots, nothing about the possibility of them being available for Android/Web; Nothing about other courses. So, Are they discontinued? Or are they still being worked on?

November 15, 2017



This sounds sad, but when I updated my cellphone I made sure to switch to apple pretty much for the Duolingo features, as well as those on a couple other apps that I knew of at the time.

I just got sick of waiting!


But Android has discussions in the app (or so I understand)!


Yes, I can access them on Android (e.g Bluestacks Android emulator).
But AFAIK (as I have tested) you can not create a new sentence discussion.


That sucks. They should AT LEAST have them on the website. But yeah, bots still work fine for me (IOS)

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