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App: iOS vs Android

My friends who are using the app in iOS are being asked for credits. Is there a difference between the apps in iOS and Android? I can use my app in Android however long I like per day but my friend in iOS cannot coz she runs out of credit.

November 15, 2017



Hi DJGeoRob,

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Is there a difference between the apps in iOS and Android?

Yes, each app (and the website) is different. AFAWK, they are developed by different teams at Duo.

See here for an (unofficial) list of the differences.
The one you're referring to is due to the Health feature which is only on iOS.


Yes, since they have more iOS developers, they test things there before they bring it to Android or the web, there are bots that no other device have and the health system (which is the thing you mean). By now I did hear that some people have it on Android to, it would be only half of the Android users though, it's only half of iOS users too, AFAIK.


I recently downloaded doulingo app and today I've noticed differences in ios and android/web... on my phone (iOS) I got blue stones (sick) about 1901 and on my PC 63 red ones Is there some kind of exchange ratio or what?

And health bar... but you can choose practice to regain one health point (it's free so no big deal) but you can also "pay" 350 blue ones to regain a full health...


I also wish to know why I have 340 red ingots on Firefox web browser but 12502 blue ones on my iOS Apps (iPhone and iPad). That's a 36.77:1 ratio. Can someone help out with this discrepancy?

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