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What does the word "tausendschön" actually means?

Hello fellow German learners,

I've been listening to quite a few songs in German lately, and at some point I found this music on youtube ( Jan Plewka & Marco Schmedtje - Im Grunde ) where they use the word "tausendschön" bearing some meaning I don't quite get.

It is one of those words I just can't find in my dictionary and different websites give different translations. I would really appreciate if someone who knows it could help me.

Is that someone's name, a flower, or just some nonsense they made up cause sounded good?

November 15, 2017



Hi Stefan,

frawaradR is right. It is an old poetic word for 'Gänseblümchen'. Wikipedia has a thoudand other names for it? Maybe I know five of them (shame on me) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%A4nsebl%C3%BCmchen#Trivialnamen

best regards Angel


Thank you guys, now everything makes sense to me!

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Angel - Wow, so many words for generally the same plant. I can't think of anything in American English that is just SO regional. Sehr interessant! Danke für den Link. Susan


I think, that I would have guessed the flower right away.

They are bellis an their popular name in Danish is tusindfryd. https://goo.gl/images/2WW8dD

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StefanKugel - Thanks for the question as I am enjoying the answers.

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