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  5. "아이는 큰 탁자를 빌려요."

"아이는 탁자를 빌려요."

Translation:A child borrows a big table.

November 15, 2017



What child just borrows a big table to put in her backpack and walk off with?


Does 빌려... work for both lend and borrow?? If so, how do you tell the meaning appart?

  • 빌리다 = "to borrow"
  • 빌려주다 = "to lend"

These two verbs are similar because the second is a derivative of the first. Specifically 빌려주다 is a compound verb formed between 빌리다 and 주다. (빌리다 is a regular verb, so its 어/아-form is 빌려. When appended with 주다, we form the compound 빌려주다.)


so "A child lends a big table" would be 아이는 큰 탁자를 빌려줘요 ?


Korean doesnt make a difference between "a" and "the" because the speaker understands the feeling based on the discussion or situation. Thats why when translating from korean to english there is always confusion for native korean speakers. So "the child borrows a big table" should be accepted too.


Why in the world is "large table" not accepted?


Flag it. You can't expect them to think about all the synonyms at the moment of course creation.


what is the difference between 식탁 and 탁자?


탁자 is a general "table" while 식탁 is specifically a "dinner table".

Etymology Note: A keen eye might guess that 식탁 = 사 + 자. This is true, though its etymology is rooted in the Hanja rather than the Hangul:

식탁 (食卓) = 사 (事) + 자 (子)

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