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I'm Now at Level 5 in Mandarin!

Chinese has finally entered beta and is now available to learn! It's an exciting and cool language, and I thought I would share some history, thoughts, and observations I have had while doing the first 5 levels of Mandarin.

First off, I'm really proud of myself. Today I just noticed Chinese, and I was really excited to start the course. At first I was taking a placement test, but the WiFi disconnected suddenly for some reason and it Graded the question forever. So I lost all my work, and decided to do the short lessons one by one.

I have learned Chinese before, but my Mandarin is getting a little rusty and I'm not as fluent. So, I decided to review Mandarin on Duo, a wonderful site with a nice Owl. I used to speak Chinese and learn it regularly, and I could have a conversation in Chinese. I even memorized a lot of harder words, for the strokes match everything.

So, when I found out Duo had released it, I was super excited! I started immediately, and as I said, could not finish the placement test. So I did the lessons, and used a few tree shortcuts.

You know, it's quite nice to review a language you have learned before, from the beginnings. It is nice to review all the easy words and continue on to the harder ones as you advance through the tree.

Of course, a side note; I must thank the Duo staff for releasing this amazing language! Although Mandarin is hard to translate and pronunciation varies, it does not stop Duo's team from trying to make a course for it. Their determination is really what allowed me to start reviewing it here!

Second, there are a few omissions and errors in the course, since Mandarin is extremely hard to translate into exact English words. I was kind of frustrated at first, but then I remembered that Duo had put in their best efforts to allow us all to learn this language for free.

I'm really grateful for that. The reviews are amazing too, as they allow you to quickly finish skills and use tree shortcuts. They did allow me to first advance into a comfortable level in the tree.

Third, keep learning! If Mandarin has really excited you and you'd like to start, don't let anything stop you. It's very fun to learn new languages, especially those with very different alphabets or no alphabet at all.

On another side note, Chinese using things called strokes to form small "words" called characters. English words can be many characters in Chinese, so "word" isn't the correct term since some characters do not make sense on their own. You might be thinking this would make Chinese a horrible stroke-memorizing thing. However, it isn't. Simple strokes make up a few characters, and some of those characters are used in a mini form in other, more advanced characters.

Excited to start learning? Hover over your flag and hit New Course. Scroll down a bit and you'll see that there are tons of learners already! I sure hope we can spread this widely spoken language.

And once again, make sure to congratulate the Duo staff and team! They put lots of work into this new amazing Mandarin-course, Duo style!

Keep learning, FrenchByte

November 16, 2017



Oh yes, sorry if the flag isn't showing up. I wonder what happened?


After the recent Forum Update, it takes a couple of hours for the flair to update.


Oh, OK. At least isn't too long. And wow, how many languages are you learning? Why not start Mandarin if you haven't?


I have. It's not showing up on my flair either. I am learning all the languages on this site except for Hebrew, Korean, High Valyrian, and Guarani, which I will start up later.


It's showing up now! Level 4, impressive!


Wow!!! What you have written is amazing!!!


Thank you! I just thought I might want to share a few thoughts running through my head.


with a nice Owl.

hee hee xD ❤️


He is nice, in my opinion at least. XD (Hope Duo has already forgiven me and is happy...)

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