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Why do I not get the 'Overachiever' achievement?

To get the first star in the 'Overachiever' achievement, you have to get 50 XP in a day. However, in my case, even if I do get 50XP or even more, I still do not get the achievement... Is this because there is a bug or am I doing something wrong and therefore unable to get the achievement?

November 16, 2017



Maybe it's because you're testing out of skills. Otherwise, I'm not quite sure.


I've gotten it no problem. Sounds like a bug you need to report.


You only get every achievement once. Once you have it, it unlocks the next level and you need more XP for the second star.


I've had the problem that you need to earn those XP on the app, not the webpage. Have you tried that?

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