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Bon ou bien?

what is the difference between two adjectives 'bon' and 'bien'? Please provide some example.

November 16, 2017



bien is an adverb.


Bien means well and bon means good. It is hard to type the real differences being it's a bit complexed. try this site it should help your understanding a bit more if not let me know and I will try to explain further. www.thoughtco.com/bon-vs-bien-1368817
Bonne Chance :)


Bon can be an adverb as well . Although it's not used that way as much as Bien but it can be.


bien is an adverb it is used to describe a verb ( the action of the sentence ) and bon is and adjective, used to describe - specifically masculine ( the feminine form is bonne ) - nouns like a computer ( un ordinateur ) a speech ( un oracion ), a job ( un travail ) or a body ( un corps ). so for example: -Comment travailles-tu? ( how are you working? ) + Je travailles tres bien, merci! ( I am working very well, thank you! )

versus -Est-ce que c'est un bon travail? ( is it a good job? ) +Oui, c'est un bon travail. ( yes it is a good job. )


"Bon"/"bonne" is usually used to describe a noun. For example, Tu as une bonne memoire. (You have a good memory) "Bien" would be used to describe a verb, for instance, Il parle bien. (He speaks well). Keep in mind that "Comment ca va?" and "Ca va bien." does not translate word-for-word to "How are you?" and "I am good." Literally, it means "How is it going?" and "It is going well." (Notice how "bien" is used to describe the verb "va" (etre) i.e. how your life "is going")

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