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Does Streak Freeze work effectively on the day you choose to buy it?

I just got streak freeze for today because I won't be able to access Duolingo and I want to maintain my streak.

How does the streak freeze work? Does it maintain my streak for the whole day today until the beginning of the next day?

November 16, 2017



Does Streak Freeze work effectively on the day you choose to buy it?

Yes it does. You can even buy it at 23:50 to be protected for the current day.


Thanks for the quick update of the information in


I don't think I ever made an update on that page.
So it must be someone else.


I always have one purchased waiting to be used. As soon as I use one I buy another one.


I once literally saved my streak by purchasing a freeze right at 23:59. Was very intense, lol

So you should be fine, unless Duolingo has changed it.


It takes effect the day a after purchase and remains in waiting until it needs to be deployed, which it does automatically if you miss a day.


Things have changed: staff made me remark recently that it's protecting you for the same day. I tested and it was now indeed like that for me.
Is it still different for you?


Outdated info then. I was not aware of this change.


We, fellow students, could not know this, because this information was not published anywhere.
I just checked


I didn't know either until I made the same answer has Dcarl1 somewhere and a staff member corrected me. ;)


However, it is updated the in web pagehttp://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Lingot_store/Streak_freeze
Thanks for this quick update!

I hope, Duolingo's staff will also publish this information in the web pages, I mentioned in my former comment.

Minor edit: 11 hours later.


It has always been this way for me. The Streak freeze always worked on the same day. Weird.


I had tested it long long ago and it hadn't work for me on the same day at that time.
I never tested again after that until very recently, so I have no clue when it changed for me.


It simply sits waiting for you to miss a day. If you don’t miss a day for several years, your streak freeze will still be there waiting to get used.

If you don’t study today the freeze should be used in the small hours of tomorrow morning to keep your streak at 19

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