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  5. "请关门。"


Translation:Please close the door.

November 16, 2017



"Please shut the door" should be accepted. Shut and close mean the same thing in this context.


Exactly. And judging by the fact you wrote your post a year ago, no one from Duolingo ever reads these threads.


To be fair, they do not promise that they will! Keep submitting answers which should be accepted – every now and then you will get a cheerful email telling you that something you have suggested is now accepted. So clearly “they” do look at the suggested answers.


In other words "What do you want from a free app." ))


:) :) I get a steady stream of emails telling me that answers I have suggested are now accepted. I doubt they trawl the threads looking for possible answers. But report them through the app or online ...


請關門。 Fun fact: In traditional Chinese, both open "開"(simp. 开) and close "關"(simp. 关) consist of a door "門(simp. 门)". That's how the characters are created.


请把门关上 = Please close the door. 请关门 = Please close the door. Both ways are really correct? Is there any difference between them?

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