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  5. "제 여동생은 중학생입니다."

" 여동생은 중학생입니다."

Translation:My little sister is a middle school student.

November 16, 2017



"My little sister is a junior high school student" would be correct. Reported on Nov. 16, 2017.


What is middle school??? 미국 영어를 싫어합니다.


It's between grade school (elementary) and high school. In the middle.

7th & 8th, (or 7th-9th), grades in America where the kids go to a specific school for those grades. Whether it's 2 or 3 years depends on your district, but 9th grade counts towards high school graduation. As an American I'm used to it, and I like it because it separates puberty stricken tweens/early teens from the little kids & from the older kids driving cars & doing God knows what. It still prepares them for high school with 7 classes and higher expectations.

I'm sorry that you hate American English (for those wondering, that's what his Korean text refers to).


Middle school is the school you go to after elementary school and before high school.

Btw, why don't you like American English?


In the province of Ontario in the country of Canada (14.5 million of 37.5 million people [2021]), middle school is grades 6 to 8 (age 11 to 13).

Elementary is grades 1 to 5 (age 6 to 10), and high school is grades 9 to 12 (age 14 to 17).

A decade and more ago in Ontario there was grade 13 too, up to age 18, but it was deleted.

In large contrast, Quebec, the second largest province in Canada, has grades 1 to 6, then 7 to 11, then two years of pseudo-college to prepare students for higher education.

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