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Dysgraphia and Numbers courses. What to do if lost/confused

Reason for the post is I "Myself" Suffer from Dysgraphia so this is a little help from personal experience and what's helped me.

Dysgraphia- -Tight, awkward pencil grip and body position -Illegible handwriting -Avoiding writing or drawing tasks -Tiring quickly while writing -Saying words out loud while writing -Unfinished or omitted words in sentences -Difficulty organizing thoughts on paper -Difficulty with syntax structure and grammar -Large gap between written ideas and understanding demonstrated through speech.

Now, first off there is nothing wrong with the courses. This is completely for people who have problems learning through reading and writing, however this can help anyone. During the Numbers part of the courses I was having a hard time following along with the numbers not being in order from 1-10/0-10. So for anyone having trouble I would recommend looking up the numbers for language you're learning on another site. Write them down for example: (0 - 零 - Líng) once it comes time you want to practice writing I would recommend having someone write it for you so it looks correct. Then practice tracing and copying it. You want to trace it so you're pretty much teaching the motor in your brain how it's wrote. After that copy what you traced without tracing and repeat until you're happy with your work. I spent about 20 minutes going over the numbers in the Chinese course, but once I looked them up I realized how easy the numbers were. So if you're having trouble with things not set in order I'd recommend learning it the way you need then coming back. Quick note, Dysgraphia is a learning Disability the points above are just signs. If you have Dysgraphia you normally have most if not all signs, but only a Dr can know if you have it or not. Hopefully the post doesn't come off as confusing, but if it does. I still love you all <3

November 16, 2017

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I think it is a good idea for any language and any user to sometimes take time to write down paradigms of verbs, nouns, numbers and such. This might help with connecting the dots you might not have noticed from the beginning by the mere exposure the course offers.

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