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Changes to German algorithm?

Hi all,

I've tried to look for a post about this on the main Duolingo page, but cannot seem to find anything.

Has the learning algorithm for strengthening courses changed?

In the past, when one "strengthened" a course, a wide variety of words and sentences would come up for practice. Now it seems like only a small combination appears, within which the words are repeated more frequently. In addition, the ones that seem to be appearing are the words I actually know and have got correct multiple times, which seems counterproductive. Finally, I'm finding myself having to do more and more "strengthening" to cover the same number of words as before, which is becoming somewhat frustrating given time constraints etc.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone else have thoughts on this? Is there an official thread on this?


November 16, 2017



What I've noticed lately (tree all golden for over a year) is that if I just strengthen, practice sessions seem to be repeated again and again maybe even twice in a day. I had been getting a wide variety of sessions, moving from one topic to another, but lately we seem to be hung up on die Tür and other easy stuff. It's like I'm stuck with the same lessons, verbatim, again and again, even though I'm not making mistakes. So, to avoid this insanity, I'm going to my word list, finding out which words are least strong, going to that category (I.e. Sports) and doing all the lessons in it all over again. I've also started the reverse tree, which is proving to be a bit more difficult than I expected. New vocabulary and oddly, I'm making mistakes on stuff I should really know. The German tree had become fairly boring, so I'm glad I tried the reverse.




I also noticed a weird thing - if I just practice (without learning new skills) my fluency still goes up. How come I can be 38% fluent if I learned only 300+ words?


Yes, that's another thing I've noticed. Similar to yours, my fluency level seems to have increased a lot quicker as of late.


Yes, I've also noticed that but I perceive words as unknown - for me it is good to proper memories the gender case.


Hm, what do you mean with wide variety? Within one bunch of questions, duo always gives me words from one skill, mostly the same lexeme in both directions, but it's jumping to the next skill once the first is golden again. There's a different behavior in the German from Italian course, questions in one bunch seem to be totally random from all skills, but with a lot of repetitions of just a few lexemes. So it's nearly impossible to get all skills golden by just using the strengthen button on the main page. ....


It's never been particularly great, but I agree, the variety within the strengthen exercises does feel as though it's narrowed a bit lately.


I haven't noticed any recent change, but then these day I go to the individual skills to select the ones I wish to strengthen rather than clicking 'strengthen skills', which always goes through the easy stuff first. I remember it being much better a few years ago when I was studying Spanish. Then clicking on 'strengthen skills' would start with the least recently practised skills and would often mix two or three skills to make it more interesting. I still don't know why they changed it from that system.

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