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What is the point of having friends in Duolingo?

Since one can't chat with his friends, see their achievements or even get notified when they participate in a discussion or comment, what is the point of having friends?

November 16, 2017



Mainly just to see a number go up which makes you get your number past theirs. Number being xp. Hopefully in the future they make a voice/messaging program to communicate.


The competition already exists in the clubs at least for the mobile version. So actually friends don't have any "raison d'être" (at least for now).


This seems to further suggest a new communication system. If friends were purely for tracking XP, they still would've kept the Followers name (which was replaced by Friends), or used another name like "Tracking".


They've promised to introduce some method of personal messaging. If they ever do, my friends list will contain a number of those I'm most interested in communicating with.

Agreed that at this point there's no doubt it's mostly a legacy feature. Some may be motivated by a leaderboard - useful for comparing progress in all languages.


So practically for now the only use is comparing the total xp earned...


yes, this, and also a placeholder for names of old friends who we will hopefully some day be able to communicate with, and new friends who we will finally get to 'meet".


Duolingo used to let you see your friends achievements and discussions they posted. I guess they just keep it since a lot of people had "friends" on here for the competition before they introduced clubs. I miss seeing what my friends are doing but that format is not the focus of duolingo. I still look at my friends list to see who is active and that does motivate me sometimes.


I also find it an interesting idea, but now it seems a bit obsolete... So unless they enrich it with some abilities, I don't see a reason to make friends.


I agree. It's forbidden to leave personal information here, like email or anything else. The idea is to let people focus on languages but I don't think it's bad when you can make friends from all over the world while learning new language.


I agree with you regarding the personal data. But since you cannot communicate in any way with your friends, I find it quite useless...


Its to show me how EVERYONE gets more xp each week then I do....


The whole reason of friends is...competition, I suppose.

If they introduce some sort of chat program or message system, that'd be sweet, but at the moment the only purpose of having friends is to just monitor their EXP gain.


Good question.

Same for "subscribing" and "following", this is a way to track down a user. The uses for tracking down vary from website to website. It mainly depends on the website, and some websites have more of a use for it than others.

On DuoLingo, you mostly use it to track the user's activity, and perhaps a few other small things.

Hope this helped!


If it was like a language-exchange, or some way to send messages and interact, I think it'd be a massive part of the site and very useful. I'd like to see it, and regardless would like people like that who I can talk with even if its not directly through this site (anyone know such a place for language-exchange friends, or just language-loving friends generally?).

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