"We are traveling to India in March next year."


November 16, 2017

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How about 我们明年三月旅游印度?


Why does 明年三月我们去印度旅游 is incorrect? Because 会 is implying future?


It sounds fine to me. 会 can reinforce the future reading but I don't think it's required here. Report it next time it comes up and I'm sure it'll be added to the list of accepted answers.


Again, 旅游 is required but is not specified in the English. 旅游 means the purpose of the travel is for tourism, but that is not specifically indicated in the prompt.


I'm using a computer keyboard to type the characters. How can I enter 旅? It does not appear under "lu".


Yeah, that's a tricky one. 旅 is pronounced with the umlauted u (lü) as opposed to, say 路 which uses a normal u (lu). To distinguish these on your keyboard, input lv instead of lu.


Brilliant, thank you!!


Thanks for this, i didn’t know you could type characters at all. I’ve been forced to use the word bank which is fine but it gives a lot of clues - like multi-choice.

I wonder if I can do it on my iPad or if I need a computer or separate software to make it work. Will go see if it’s in the discussion pages.


You can certainly input characters on your iPad, and it’s easy as pie if you know the phonetic sound. I could explain how to set it up but it would be simpler just to Google “how to add Chinese input iPad” and you’ll get step-by-step instructions with pictures.


Thank you Jerry, that’s just what I needed, fantastic!


Thank you Jerry41034 I've been trying to figure this out for about a year to get the umlaut "u" in my writing! You've been a big help! Here's a Lingot!


Sweet ~ thanks!


I am confused between "We are traveling to India in March next year", and "We are going traveling in India in March next year" in many of these travel exercises. can anyone explain please?


The distinction Duo seems to be making involves the use of 去 versus 在. Traveling to India would be 去印度旅游, while traveling in India would be 在印度旅游.


This very same English sentence was just considered wrong! Says: "Correct solution: We will travel to India in March of next year." Apr. 6, 2021.

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