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  5. "请说慢一点儿!"


Translation:Please speak more slowly!

November 16, 2017



Please speak a bit slower should be allowed


Yes, or 'a little slower' or 'slowly'


I wrote "Please speak slowly" and i got it wrong! m( ;)m


Same! I thought that it meant the same thing but instead got it wrong and I'm seriously annoyed.

Doesn't it mean the same thing?


I also want to know where "more" comes in

And i even don t know how "slow" became an adverb here, given that no "de" is present with it..


I feel that "Speak slowly" is not accurate. The phrasing more precisely asks for it to be 'slower' or 'more slowly'. Perhaps the speaker is already speaking "slowly", but you are requesting them to speak even more slowly. (e.g. You could be driving slowly if you are going 40km/hr but in a school zone it should be slower, at 20 or 30km/hr)


I wrote that! Yes, I think it should be accepted.


yes, that's also exactly what I had


I know right it is correct though


It is accepted now


It should be the only option if you ask me.


I think "please speak slowly" should also be accepted here.


No, the 一点儿 definitely implies comparative: “[a bit] more slowly” if used after an adjective: 快一点 "[a bit] quicker", 好一点 "[a bit] better".


Technically yes, but 一点儿 can also be interpreted as a sign of politeness to soften the tone of the command, to make it more friendly. Nobody actually says 请说慢 even if they mean to say "please speak slowly". It's too blunt. Therefore, the "please speak slowly" translation should be accepted.


Could 请说慢吧 work here as an option? Would it still be kind of blunt? Or Or maybe 请说慢慢把 (or would I even need the 吧 on the end of this one)?


请慢慢的说XXX(the problem)吧 would be implying that they have a situation on their hands and is trying to get the affected party to tell them the problem slowly and clearly . ( sorry please ignore my grammatical mistakes as I am not a English native speaker )


I've always thought of it as just 'Please speak slower', and I agree with SamirShaker that I'd never say 请说慢.


Yes, it Should be accepted. Also, how come 一点儿 is translated as 'more'


this stupid narrator should be the one speaking slower ¬¬


Yeah ! We should tell him the sentence ! And in English !

And he should be the one translating.......!



Why is it not "shuo de man yidiar"? Isn't the grammar of the lesson that an adverb should be added by "de"?


Thank you...!

Please answer him !!!

Nobody answers the important questions! Never !! !

Why ?!!!!!


Thank you...!

Please answer him !!!

Nobody answers the important questions! Never !! !

Why ?!!!!!


I am no native speaker of english. What is wrong with “please speak a little slower“ ?


In my opinion (as a native English speaker) there is nothing wrong with your translation and it should be reported. This course is still in Beta, so there will be a lot of variations of this sentence to be added.


Slower is an adjective, so it goes with nouns (that bike is slower than this one, e.g.).

Slowly is an adverb, so it describes verbs (for example: ever since he got a concussion, he speaks more slowly).

In this case, you're modifying "speak", so you should use the adverb, "slowly". In real life, you don't have to follow this too closely - any native would understand you, and many might not even know the difference themselves - but DL tends to use formal grammar that a native speaker might gloss over.

Tl;dr: "slower" is incorrect because it's modifying a verb, so it should be an adverb (i.e. "slowly")


I have to disagree. "Please speak slower" is acceptable and sounds the most natural.

"My wife always drives slower than me."

In modern American English, "slower" is also used with verbs.


Yes but native english us far from grammatically correct and as the language evolves the idea if what is or isn't correct changes. Also spoken is much more informal than written and more of these things have come to be accepted colloquialisms. Therefore it should be allowed.


Used in common colloquial English, thought.


Why is it not 请说得慢一点儿? Isn't placing 说慢 together without the modifier not allowed?


According to this page (see point 7), 说得慢一点儿 is also correct, but 得 can be omitted colloquially.


Answer him, pleaaase !!


Why we do not use 得 here? 请说得慢一点儿 is wrong?


的 ,得 are different . 请把我的东西给我( please give me my things ) 我得到了很多 ( I have gotten a lot )


This program sometmes wants "please" at the beginning of the sentence and other times at the end. Even with the patience of Job, it becomes irriteting after getting it wrong constantly.


With the patience of Job, nice phrase.. in Arabic, we say " Ya Sabr Ayyoub " (O' patience of Job ! )


Speak more slowly please- why is that wrong? Every time i whote in the other exercise "please slow down", he corrected me to "slow down please". Here i write please at the end, ant that is WRONG


There's no "de" in it .

So how are we supposed to consider it an adjective, when they actually put màn in a lesson where they introduced "de" and taught us that it marks adjectives ?!

And how can " a bit " become "more" when it could more possible be a polite request ?

I need answers..


slower = more slowly I am not sure, but I think you can´t say "Speak a bit slowly please". You can describe a person.. "he speaks a bit slowly".




The simplified characters look naked, I agree. :P


Such an essential sentence to learn in every language!


Put a report in for 'please speak slower' as well?


you can put reports in yourself! :) press the report button on the bottom left


More slowly would be better with slower


Why isn't 得 used here?


Yeah that is my question here


慢 is a verb adjective or adverb ?


I tried a slight variation which was still correct English, but they need to understand that please in English can be placed in many different places. They already allow several translations of slow down, a little slower, slower, a bit slower, more slowly, and I think they could add a tolerance for the English multiple placements of please


Can someone please help me break this sentence down ... I'm trying to understand how to think about it as an English speaker.

请 = please... 说 = to speak, to say... 慢 = slow ... 一 = one ... 点 = point ... 儿 = a child, a son.

I get "请说慢" as "please speak slow, i do not get how "一点儿" comes together to make "more", and then by extension i cannot make sense of this at all. Thanks!


一点 Means “a little’ with the 儿 added for the Beijing accent


Why is it 说 and not 说话?


This question seem to be duplicated.


Please speak slowly! omg tried this course for 20 minutes


Why do you need three characters to express "more"? "Please + speak + slow[ly] + (more)"


The same reason I can ask the following: why do you need all of those seperate phonetic letters together to convey meaning? ...tbh, "more" isnt literally in the sentence. 更多 isnt present. However, the implied (and hidden) 得 after 说 but before 慢 connects the terms. 说->(得)->慢=speak+(in the manner)+slow


But "de" is not in the sentence !!!


"More slowly" sounds just as odd as "slowlier" to me, a non-native English speaker, or is it really correct to use "more slowly"?


"More slowly" is definitely correct, and completely natural in English. On the other hand, "slower", which several other commenters have suggested, is arguably technically incorrect in this context, since "slow" is an adjective, not an adverb -- but it's nonetheless very common in colloquial speech and should probably be accepted.


是不是这个句子应该有一个‘得’,例如 “请说得慢一点儿!“?


Does anyone else have an issue with speaking the "儿" and it not being accepted? Native speakers have no problem understanding me when I speak and add the "儿" but Duolingo never understands it.


Is it when they ask for 儿? As you progress further and further through the course, it accepts fewer responses as correct, both when spoken and written. Often the English answer they request is awkward or not what a native person would say. I recently gave up using the iPhone app because I kept losing hearts when I gave what I believe were acceptable answers. When I use the online application, there are no hearts, so giving the “incorrect” answer just extends the lesson. I find this much less frustrating, but I no longer get practice speaking. I think I will start going back and use my iPhone to practice (I.e. to repair broken crowns). I should know what they want by that time


It's whenever I speak "儿" or almost any sentence beginning with a third tone character. It also routinely doesn't recognize spoken numbers said in a row. However, native speakers have said they understand me fine. Just frustrated.


That’s why I gave up the iPhone app. Got tired of losing hearts. My wife who is Chinese said I was correct


The last 2 sound like they are a couple 'diar'????


Speak slowly should be accepted.


Gggggg hard cuz can be very busy with work and the song also I have a new phone and I don't want to be a part of the team and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so I can get a ride to the airport on Sunday and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so you are aware that you I will get the money from the song also I am happy and healthy new job is going with the flow is your day so you can see it in person and you are welcome and you are welcome and thank the


Please stop finishing sentences with "er"


That's how it's done in Northern/Beijing dialect.


this means the same in my opinion Speak more slowly! please


How about please talk more slowly?


I used more slowly in another example and it said no. I don't use more in another example and now it's wrong.


"Speak more slowly please " is equal isn't it?


How can one answer require "slow down please" and this one not accept "speak more slowly please"


If they have used an adverb, so why they did not add 得 before the adjective? Didn't Duo, in the past courses, teached us that to make an adverb you add 得 before adjectives? Also I thought that 一点儿 after adjectives make them comparative.


As 请 = Please 说 = speak 慢= slowly. Where then the "MORE" comes from? So aren't the correct translation should be "SPEAK SLOWLY PLEASE" instead?


As far as i know, both 一点儿 (a little (more)) and the lack of 很 imply "more".


I put down'speak slower please' and was wrong.


请 = please 说 = speak 慢 = slow 一点儿 = a bit / a little


Could we only say "请说慢"?


Could you talk slower please? is allowed too.


Cannot use more slowly


More slowly is incorrect


I didn't know how to translate yhis because of your inconsistencies!


I'm trying to use the Chinese keyboard. it sounded like he said _qing shuo mai yidian er"


Pls speak slowly should be allowed


Based on tips/lesson they gave, shouldnt this be qing shuo de man yidiar?


Based on what they taught us in the tips before the practices, wouldnt it be qing shuo de man yidiar?


You know you can edit, right?


should it be "yi dian" or "yi diARRRR"?


i have never heard anyone use 请说慢一点+儿. I have however heard 请说慢一点. So why does this sentence uses 儿?


The phrase means "please speak slowly" (because "speak more slowly" makes no sense), and the audio plays so fast the characters overlap.


more slowly sound off you don't say that in english


i think that some answers are basically the same yet are not allowed in almost all of duolingo questions


Write this in English appears with Chinese text where the mouse happens to be so the spoken Chinese and hover audio step on each other.


Please may be at the beginning or at the end of a sentence and sound just as polite in English. We can even put it right in the middle. Would you please include that in your database?


"Please say it more slowly." - why is this incorrect?


"please speak slower" should be allowed

Isn't "more slowly" the same as "slower"


Technically speaking "please speak slower" is wrong English grammar since "slower" is an adjective, while in that sentence "speak" is a verb, meaning "more slowly" would be used instead. But the numerous variations on the phrase are (mostly) grammatically correct. Some of them are accepted, others not. Once you've used Duo for a while, I think the idiosyncrasies start to become predictable.


Technically speaking, "please speak slower" is what most American English speakers say. So it should be accepted.


I think please speak slower is a short form for please speak in a slower way


Hey audio, can YOU please speak slowly?? I cant understand a thing


Strictly speaking "please speak slower" is wrong. It should be "Please speak more slowly" I am a UK mother-tongue English speaker


I think "say it" should be allowed too.


"Please say that slower!" should also be allowed.


Talk slower plaese and speak more slowly are the same thing!


Yeah.. i don't know why they downvoted you


Should be please slow down

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