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"Les candidats présentent leur budget."

Translation:The candidates present their budget.

November 16, 2017



I hade budgetS in my translation. Could all the candidates have just one budget? Candidates for the same office are usually not so cooperative. Is there something French going on here?


Yes, I think there is.

I am not 100% sure but I believe that, in French, when there are several owners and each owner has one «owned thing», you have to say it that way: «Les candidats présentent leur budget» (singulier) . (no danger that they have presented an agreed one!)

Imagine : «Tous les hommes sont invités à. venir accompagnés de leurs femmes» It sounds as if every one could appear with more than one wife. So, they say «accompagnés de leur femme»

Given that in English there is not a rule like this, we have to translate the French sentence into English as «their budgets». Otherwise, the meaning would be «many candidates, one budget» (possible... but so unlikely!).

I hope it to be understable, in spite of my poor English


That's correct French, but the English translation with the singular budget is wrong.


Yes, the DL English here should be corrected to "budgets".


I sincerely hope my French will ever become as good as your "poor" English!


Your English is not poor. Don't sell yourself short.


One budget each.


How can I tell in dictation whether it is 'leur budget' or 'leurs budgets'?


Very bad acoustic!!! Budget is not heard correctly!


I was marked wrong for using 'candidates' rather than 'candidats'. Wouldn't this be correct if they were all female?


In dictation, the feminine noun ends with a T consonant sound, whereas in masculine, the last sound you should hear is that of the vowel A.


Only ONE budget? Strange.


Does the French sentence mean that the candidates are presenting one collaborative budget? That is what the English sentence means. If the meaning is intended to be that each presented a budget, then the English translation should be the plural budgets.


and it is.. I wrote "the candidats present their budgets" DL accepted


If leur budget and leurs budgets are pronounced the same, both answers should be accepted.


Is it candidats or candidates. Both have been corrected in two consecutive questions!!


"candidats" is all male or mixed. "candiates" is all female. The two words are pronounced differently.


Only ONE budget? Strange...


I too put "leurs budgets" and got dinged. We need a native speaker to confirm but in German, they would never use the plural here (each candidate only has one budget). I wonder if it's the same in French and it's our English idiom that makes this an unintuitive translation.

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sometime this is way too picky. I get quite angry


The candidates present their budget is ambiguous in English. It could mean The candidates present a collective budget or it could be taken as The candidates present individual budgets (though plural budgets would be better here).

If I were doing this from scratch I'd be tempted by Each candidate presents his budget (her budget, for those inclined to insist on that), or The candidates present the budget for a collective offering.


Why isn't se présentent used?


Is there any difference in sound between saying "Les candidats presentent leur budget" and "Les candidats presentent leurs budgets"?

It seems to me that, at least for the "Type what you hear" exercise, both should be accepted.


I understand the French way of expressing this, but in English it might be better to give the translation above as: 'The candidates each present their budget' or, more likely 'The candidates present their budgets'.

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