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  5. Thank you so much Duolingo!


Thank you so much Duolingo!

I created an account on Duolingo almost a year ago. I immediately checked the languages to try to find Mandarin, but it wasn't there. I'm so glad that its finally here!


And even though you didn't have Chinese, it worked out for the best, because without Duolingo I wouldn't have ever learned Portuguese.

November 16, 2017



I'm so happy for Chinese! ^^ I studied it at uni and now I'm continuing together with Duolingo! ^^ I love the course so far!


I've taken three years of Chinese in Highschool so far and hope to learn it in Uni as well! I'm so glad I can get even more practice in with Duolingo, to make sure I don't lost my touch!


Can’t wait for Arabic and Hindi!

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