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"The hospital is to the left of the restaurant."


November 16, 2017



The word 'zai' was not a choice, only 'shi'.


In my options for the word bank, 在 was not there causing my sentence to be incorrect.


Yeah, I had that problem too. The answer that is expected is: 饭 馆 的 左 边 是 医 院 。

Literally: Left of the restaurant is the hospital.


I found this confusing. I thought we always used 在 to describe location, and never 是. Is 是 appropriate here because of the syntax ("to the left of the restaurant IS...")?


I wrote "医院是饭馆的左边" Is that correct?


I also wrote this, but I got it wrong. I can't figure out what's wrong about it though, something about the word order syntax that I just can't really understand


I might well be wrong, and I hope someone corrects me if that's the case; but I think that would mean "the hospital is the restaurant's left side" or something like that.


饭馆的左边是医院。This translates more literally as "To the restaurant's left is the hospital." not "The hospital is to the left of the restaurant." The first should be the standard correct English translation, not the second.

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Hello Hello! Very excited to see the mother tongue on duolingo!

I was wondering if this translation also works for "The hospital is to the left of the retaurant"


Hope everyone is having an excellent time! Thank you so much duolingo for releasing the Chinese language module!!!!!


I think the point of this collection of sentences is to show that the word order is different depending on whether 在 or 是 is being used to indicate location. Of course, like all assiduous students, aware that recollection is state dependent, I had a drink and supper before learning about how the location of the bathroom might be expressed, and so took a little bit longer to get this point.


Hopefully not a fast food one


This sentence is confusing.


Really confusing - all other location examples require zai; how am I supposes to write the correct version if I've never seen it?


"Be" in Chinese is supposed to be purely a linking verb. There is no nominative in the predicate, so it should not be used here.


This sentence in Chinese is so poorly written... Has to be completely rewritten.


Why not "To the left of the restaurant is the hospital?"


That appears to be the literal translation. It doesn't flow well, but should work.


I am reading this sentence "the restaurant is to the left of the hospital". What am I doing wrong?


饭馆的左边 - the restaurant's left 是 - is 医院 - a hospital

Your sentence would have to be: 饭馆在医院的左边

In Mandarin the word for left and right is reversed from the normal English way. You say the "hospital's left" not "left of the hospital." So in the original sentence you know that we're talking about the restaurant's left and not the hospital's because 的左边 comes after 饭馆.


Some of these sentence constructs are totally artificial. I end up guessing what word order they expect, and none are the natural way of saying it. :-(


医院是在饭馆的左边 why no correct


There is nothing wrong with this construction; there are often many correct ways to say things in Mandarin, and they often vary by region (Mainland, Taiwan, Singapore). Obviously, a better English translation would be "The hospital is to the left of the restaurant," as someone has already mentioned. If you are having trouble with the fact that this doesn't use 在, think of the translation as "There is a hospital to the left of the restaurant." Then maybe the use of 是 will seem more logical.


A better English version of the Chinese phrase 饭馆的左边是医院 would be "to the left of the restaurant is a hospital' or 'on the left hand-side of the restaurant is the hospital' (or similar - but it is a slightly unusual structure with a different emphasis from the model English phrase given)

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