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  5. "How much is my coat worth?"

"How much is my coat worth?"

Translation:Qu'est-ce que vaut mon manteau ?

March 15, 2013



Is "Qu'est-ce que vaut mon manteau?" more common than "Que vaut mon manteau?"


The first one is more informal than the latter with "est-ce que" added. May not be necessary more common, it is just that questions with "est-ce que" are used commonly when people are speaking, and ones without it are used commonly when writing.


I typed "mon manteau, combien vaut il ?


This is accepted with a hyphen: "vaut-il"


Can someone clarify the difference between these two uses: Combien coute mon manteau? Qu'est-ce que vaut mon manteau?


"coûter" is about cost/price while "valoir" is about value, including sentimental value. However, they can be synonyms even if there is no real emotion attached to the thing.


Thank you for the reply. Is it also true that valoir concerns a noun ("what" is my coat worth), while coûter needs a quantity ("how much")?


Is "Qu'est-ce que mon manteau vaut?" correct?


Technically it is not absolutely wrong but it does not sound right. Alternatives are much better.

  • que vaut mon manteau ?
  • qu'est-ce-que vaut mon manteau ?


Shouldn't "Quelle est la valeur de mon manteau?" be "what is the value of my coat?" rather than "how much is my coat worth?" I know they mean the same thing but they're don't directly translate to each other


Yes, there are more or less precise variants:

"quelle est la valeur de / que vaut mon manteau ?" is closer to "what is my coat's worth/what is the value/worth of my coat?

"combien vaut/coûte mon manteau ?" is closer to "how much..."

I have changed the order of acceptable translations accordingly. Thanks.


Quelle est la valeur de mon manteau ? Accepted :)


anybody there who can fix this???? The system won't let me continue because the required words aren't in the selection


Which words would be missing, in your opinion?


There is no "qu'est-ce que" just "quelle" so I also can't complete the lesson. Very frustrating as the rest of the lesson has been completed.


I have had that happen so many times and it is frustrating. You may have to turn on the key board, which is much harder. Or, see if you can test out and skip the lesson.


I don't think anyone fixes anything. I complained so many times and in different ways, but never got a response.


If you can't see all the words in your screen, try altering the shape of the display. Try tall and narrow.


In the exercise where one had to choose the correct translation(s) from among three, they insisted on two French translations: "Quest-ce que vaut mon manteau?" and "Que coute mon manteau," - neither of which is given as the translation above. However, in English there is a big difference between something being worth an amount and something costing an amount. Wouldn't that also be true in French?


Yes, I assume the nuance is the same.

Verbs "valoir" and "coûter" have the same gap as "worth" vs "cost".

By extension, "valeur" and "prix" are similar to "value" and "price"


Sitesurf, as you also help understand, what is the closest literal translation of this sentence?


"worth" does not exist as an adjective in French, so a word for word translation is impossible.

"is worth" is the equivalent of active verb "valoir" (indicative present: je vaux, tu vaux, il/elle/on vaut, nous valons, vous valez, ils/elles valent).

As a consequence, the closest translation reads: "combien vaut mon manteau ?" (how much - is worth - my coat?)


Can a verb really follow "que" and not just "qui?"



  • qui es-tu ? = who are you?
  • que fais-tu ? = what are you doing?


Quelle est la valeur de mon manteau? I haven't learn this. Why quelle and not Quel? Is it because the verb "valeur" is feminine?


"une valeur" is a feminine noun


Only Quelle is offered


Same thing , I can't choose that word because it isn't an option


I also can't choose the correct words because they are not given as a option. Can this be fixed?


is pardessus possible instead of manteau?


It is impossible to answer correctly because the words in your answer are NOT available for me to select. I keep getting the same sentence AND now I can’t move forward


The set of tiles displayed always allows for one correct answer:

Quelle est la valeur de mon manteau ?
Que vaut mon manteau ?
Qu'est-ce que vaut mon manteau ?


No, there is a third row of tiles for long sentences, and the words can be either partly hidden or totally un-accessible.


They won't fix it. Try switching to keyboard for that question.


Combien vaut-il, mon manteau - too cumbersome?


It's emphatic, with this word order or "Mon manteau, combien vaut-il ?" vs "Combien vaut mon manteau ?"


I got this wrong so i clicked discuss and the answer is different then the translating the right one is "Que vaut mon manteau?"


Combien vaut mon manteau.

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