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"You were born in the year two thousand"

Translation:Mlizaliwa mwaka elfu mbili

November 16, 2017



What purpose does "wa" serve in this answer? I think this is the first time I've seen "mwaka" and "elfu" separated when expressing years.


Yes, please explain this to me too.


Ulizaliwa is you singular. Mlizaliwa is you plural. So for me, it would help if the English translation offered "You all", "You (all)", or "You (plural)" as a prompt for mlizaliwa.


hapa pia kuna makosa, you=singular/plural. kwa hivyo mwanafunzi/anayejifunza ana haki ya kuandika "mlizaliwa au ulizaliwa"


What a tongue twister!


This is not fair because the question does not show it wants the plural you form. The singular and plural form sentences were the same except for the u/m verb difference.


In a previous question, I replied "mwaka wa" in the answer and was told it was incorrect. This time I answered with "mwaka", without the "wa" and was told that this also is in correct. Which one is it? This is very confusing!

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