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Can anyone recommend mobile apps that work well with Duolingo?

I love using Duolingo on my android, but it does get a bit repetitive after a while so I'm looking for something that I can use alongside it...so when I get tired of one, I can go to the other. I'm not a big fan of Memrise because everything on there is too slow. Maybe some type of gaming app that has language crosswords and other little games, I don't know I'm just throwing ideas of there. Every app I've seen seems to be "touch the right answer" over and over and over again, but I want a little variety. Is there anything that's more creative and unique that I can use alongside Duolingo?

November 16, 2017



I’ve started playing around with MosaLingua, which is pretty good. MindSnacks is not to my taste, but looks like it would be quite “game-y”. Mango Languages is too basic for me, but is free so that may be worth a look.


Mango is only free if your library has a subscription.


Sneaky marketing then! Thanks...


I heard about Clozemaster.

Have you tried reading (and listening to native recorded audio) on www.bliubliu.com?

Also I have not yet tried uTalk.

Mondly with their many individual tree topics focuses on tapping (not multiple choice), just like the DuoLingo mobile (Android) app.


Busuu and Flashacademy are both really good but Flashacademy requires a subscription, busuu does for some features. Both have a few languages Duolingo doesn't and Flash academy has games.

There are also some good apps for language exchange such as Tandem and speaky

For asking people questions: Italki or Hinative

For flashcards there are so many but my favourite is Cram because it has a few games you can play which are pretty fun


Not sure if it's on Android, but you may want to try Drops. Free if you don't mind waiting every 10 hours to do another round, but it'll at least offer some more variety in vocabulary.

LingQ is great for building vocabulary through reading short stories and news articles as well as listening to the readings. The paid subscription, though, is where you really get the most out of it.


I find the interface of LingQ almost completely impenetrable. They need a good graphic designer to help them, stat. The information is good, but it's really very confusingly organized.


Memrise maybe? Or Mondly?


I recommend Innovative 101. It's more videos and podcasts teaching the language of your choice than something like duolingo, but it's EXTREMELY helpful. In the week I've been using it my Japanese has improved immensely. It has Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, Cantonese, Thai, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Hindi, Polish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Turkish, Persian, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Swahili, Czech, Danish, Afrikaans, Romanian, and Urdu.



Ah, the vendors of the PortuguesePod101, SpanishPod101,.... web portals.

If you guys want to look for a discount, you can find a 35% deal with coupon code on www.101languages.net.

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