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Cheers to our AMAZING Moderators

Thank you moderators for all that you do and will do! I really appreciate all your guys' hard work to make duolingo great the way it is! If you guys dont mind would you share what being a moderator is like?

November 16, 2017



Thanks a lot guys! ^^ But to be sincere, it is the whole community of you amazing users that makes Duolingo the awesome site it is ;) We're really grateful to you for everything!

I'm really happy to be involved in such a big project as is spreading free education to the world! I'll continue working hard for every one of us! ^^ Together we can change the world for the best!

[deactivated user]

    Being a moderator must be amazing. Helping people with question they have. It just seems great to be one.....


    We would not be much without them and it would put a lot of work ahead for admins (also special credits to them) and they would literally have to work all day. I am glad you mention this because they work ENTIRELY voluntarily. So thanks to them.


    Exactly. Admins and moderators are the best and they are amazing.(period)!


    An enormous thanks to every single Moderator and contributor that has ever existed on duolingo! Duolingo wouldn't be half as awesome without you guys!


    They have their own lives to steer and jobs to do, they aren't paid, and they need to dedicate time to their language learning like the rest of us. Yet they volunteer and amazingly (and patiently) manage to moderate, advise, and give support to such a global scale community. I am truly impressed by the amount of effort our moderators invest to help make duolingo the successful educational platform that it is.

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