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What does 'Chandelle' mean?

I've heard it in a few songs, translator has it as candles or the descent of an aeroplane but this doesn't seem to fit :S

Roch Voisine - Tous mes souvenirs et mes chandelles All my memories and my...

Celine Dion - Le jeu en vaut bien la chandelle The game is well worth the....

November 16, 2017



Le jeu en vaut bien la chandelle means "The result is worth the sacrifice". It's a reversed idiom, technically it would be "ça n'en vaut pas la chandelle" meaning "it's not worth the bother".

Tous mes souvernirs et mes chandelles - In this case I'd say "chandelles" probably would be a metaphor for something else. Perhaps romantic encounters? It depends what the singer meant by it himself, it is not an idiom.


Excellent reply, thanks!


Thanks, I looked through the definitions but still unsure what the word means in the conext if these songs. 'Risks' perhaps?

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