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  5. "我认识他。"


Translation:I know him.

November 16, 2017



Ta can be make or female. Correct?


Depends on whether 他 (him) or 她 (her) is used


Correct! Him or her should both be valid answers


Does ren and shu have any meaning on their own?


Shu means know or knowledge, I believe. So does ren. No idea why combining them is done.


2020.5.8 Because together as a group of hanzi, 認識「ren4shi」means to know or recognize something


So it's literally "I met him"?


I don't believe any part of the Mandarin sentence agrees to past tense. Therefore, the sentence would have to be "I meet him" or "I know him"; the latter of which sounding more natural.


I meet, therefore I know - in the Spanish conocer verb kind of way.


This sentence doesn't fit well with the theme of "occupation".


Is this right? Shouldn't it say" wo ren shi ta"? I heard "wo jai shi ta"


So why is 'I know her' wrong


The character used is for "him". Someone else said they only get this exercise as audio, is that also the case for you? With a word like ta, it would be impossible for you to know whether to translate as "him" or "her" without seeing the character used.


Shouldn't it say 'wo ji dao' instead of 'wo ren shi'?


认识/Ren Shi has a nuance that you know him personally, while 知道/zhi dao (not ji dao) doesn't.


Why is i know her. Not accepted isn't ta both he or she?


The word is pronounced the same but the characters are different: 他 = he; 她 = she. Mr. Madawela, would you please tell me if you are learning via an app that only gives you the spoken sentence to translate and no written characters? I ask because, this appears to be a long-standing problem and source of frustration for users (possibly of the app) that Duolingo seems to not be responding to with a correction. I don't use the app and I get both a spoken and written sentences to translate so I just wonder if Duolingo's view of problems can be sharpened with some additional guidance from users.


thank you for telling me the difference. I am using the duo lingo app and it has both spoken and writtenNow I know that there is a difference. I still do not know how to use the foreign language keyboard properly yet


Are you leaving spaces between each character as you would in writing English? I was doing that at first and the answers were being marked wrong until I stopped doing that. Hope this helps!


Tell me its pinyin


Should accept "I recognise him" and not mark it wrong because the "s" isn't a "z"


They might correct it and say it's correct but with a typo.


I answered with "recognise", they simply marked it as incorrect.


the clue says "meet:" for ren shi


i answered i meet him, and i dont get why its wrong, anybody? or is just sounding unnatural enough?

I've met him seems to be a correct answer


yes, I would agree. There is not enough explanation as to why it is not accepted. Is there a nuance in the wording that does not provide itself to this interpretation?


does 认 is pronounced equal to 人?


Not exactly. 认 has a falling tone and 人 has a rising tone.

The similarity in their form though does give a clue that they sound very similar. This is usually the case when the right part of the character is the same.


it almost sounds like the word orange hehehe


I wrote "I know her" and it counted it as wrong. Ta is used interchangeably for males and females


isn't ta means he or she ? so why when i write her they said that it's wrong and the right answer is him


That can't be! That‘s that little guy that spoke to me! All those years ago...

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