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Are these Traditional or Simplified characters? Or do we get both?

Quick question. Since I was aiming for traditional and don't want to get too confused...

November 16, 2017




Good luck with your Chinese!


Thanks, guys. But I can still practice with Simplified, right? I imagine traditional characters might be added... maybe?


First start with simplified, as it is widely used in many parts of China. Then learning traditional characters might be a little easier :) At least you will know basic Chinese! ^^


I'm currently in Taiwan so Traditional is a must, but will give it a go anyways. Glad to learn new languages.


Ok if anyone else wonders, here's an excerpt from the blog post:

"Because a large number of Chinese-speaking people understand both, and since the majority of characters look the same or similar in both systems, you will be able to get by in Taiwan and Hong Kong if you learn Chinese on Duolingo. However, we plan to eventually add Traditional Chinese characters, too."

I hope eventually means soon. :P


Well since they already implemented the program I believe Chinese Traditional will take less time than Chinese Simplified did x) So let's hope for the best! :D


On several questions on the course Traditional answers are not accepted, even though the program accepts traditional answers for others. Is this a bug?


Simplified BUT you do want to use traditional here you go: this Chrome Extension seamlessly enables you to switch them off and on.



guys, traditional chinese is harder, i am from singapore so i know. the characters are less complexed in simplified

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