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TV series for learning German

So, I'm just curious if you have any recommendations for people who want to improve their German

November 16, 2017



Apart from German shows, I'd recommend you to try watching something you already know with German audio. Everything that airs here get's dubbed, from children's movies to the more independent ones and it's not too bad. That way you would already know the content and would have an easier time understanding even words you didn't know before from context. Netflix is a good source for that. :)


Well, it's not a German show... but I've been watching Berlin Station and enjoying the bits of German in it :)

And I totally endorse the above suggestion -- I've even found that German subtitles on an English show helps to passively teach/remind me of vocabulary. (Game of Thrones has been fun, although it's not for everyone!)


Piggeldy und Frederick and JoNaLu. they're kids shows but they're good for vocab


I'm giving you a lingot for "Piggeldy und Frederick" I loved them so much as a child! ♥

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