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  5. "我的妹妹喜欢吃小笼包。"


Translation:My little sister likes to eat soup dumplings.

November 16, 2017



I've always seen "小笼包" translated as soup dumpling... hopefully that can be added as a translation


I honestly think that "soup dumpling" is the only proper translation of 小籠包. What makes 小籠包 special is the soup, so calling it a soup dumpling is more effective in distinguishing what it is from a normal dumpling. Additionally, 小籠包 don’t have to have pork filling. I’ve had 小籠包 that had beef, vegetable, and seafood stuffings. Apparently there’s a restaurant in New York’s Chinatown that serves chocolate soup dumplings, but I didn’t have time to go there when I was in New York.


Please do not translate xiaolongbao as "pork dumplings" :( i'd be insulted if i knew how to cook xiaolongbao hahaha.

"Soup dumplings" are an infinitely better translation :)


Maybe the names differ depending on where you are in China. In Hubei province, the only word I've heard for "soup dumplings" is the very literal 汤包. And they really contain soup. They are delicious but hard to eat without burning your lips and tongue.


The soup isn't soup. It is jelly (as in the knuckle ligaments, tendons, etc.) and fat. When you steam it, the jelly and fat melt, creating the soup. The Western equivalent dish would be aspic.


"My little sister likes eating xiaolongbao." should be accepted.


Do they have to be pork?


No, actually! There's chicken xiaolongbao and seafood xiaolongbao when I went to Shanghai. The latter is recommended!

I'm with EATandNAP up there. "Soup dumpling" is the best translation, I would never translate 小笼包 as "pork dumplings!"


Yes when somebody says "pork dumplings" I think of charsiu bao, even though I think Chinese usually translate that into English as "bun" rather than dumpling.

I always call them just xiaolongbao even in English but that's because I discovered them in Taiwan and never knew them in English before that.


小笼包 is one type of dumplings that is made with pork, so the translation provided is quite literal.


Should be soup dumplings. Steamed port dumplings should be something like 猪肉蒸饺


Does the "long" in here mean anything outside of the word "xiaolongbao"?


笼 - cage e.g. 笼子、鸟笼(birdcage)


My younger sister or my little sister are the same. Little sister is less formal and anyone over 5 years old would most likely choose younger over little.


Nope at least here in Australia even if you're an old age pensioner you'll still talk about your little or big brother or sister. I can't speak for everyone in the UK or US though.


Not necessarily made of pork


My little sister likes eating steamed pork dumplings


That is for soup dumplings, though. The choices for English are a bit misleading.


I was so excited that they are teaching you how to order soup dumplings, the king of all dumplings...

Then i was disappointed to find out they translate it as pork steamed dumplings. This will be a difficult lesson to pass.


The audio 小笼包 is way off.


I think so too, on MDBG and Wiktionary it says lóng instead of lǒng. But for some reason no one else is mentioning it in the comment section here, maybe it's an alternative pronunciation?


No, your sources are correct. It is pronounced lóng.


"likes eating" should also be accepted as well as "likes to eat"


I think it can be translated to " steamed dumpling " is the most exactly. I studied with a native taiwanese. He taught me that xiao long bao was steamed dumpling


The problem is there are too many types of dumplings. A lot of Hong Kong dim sum is steamed dumplings of some kind, eg hargow (虾饺 - xiajiao).

I suspect he taught you "steamed dumpling" because he didn't know what they should be called in English. Also Pleco translates this as steamed dumpling.

I've honestly never seen an actual english translation - it's always just Xiaolongbao.


And again "likes eating" is acceted but "likes" - is not

WHY? What else can she do with dumplings?


I think that "My little sister likes soup dumplings" should be accepted as correct. I mean, what else would she like to do with them, but eat them???


This shouldn't require pork even though that is the most common type... There are certainly chicken, shrimp, and other soup dumplings

  1. My little sister likes to eat steamed pork dumplings.
  2. My younger sister likes eating steamed pork dumplings Why is the second sentense wrong?


Because it actually isn't really wrong.


Is saying "buns" instead of "dumplings" wrong?


Yes. Buns have thick bread skins, where as dumplings are always fairly thin skinned, and are often not even like bread.


Sigh... So much time and effort wasted over how to translate 小笼包 -- see Wikipedia 'xiaolongbao'


BTW xiaolongbao are one of my favorite Chinese dishes


Err...sorry, hun tun are soup dumplings


Ok so I added "soup" to the last question to emphasize that it's noodles in a broth. Then I left out the dumpling broth in this one and it's wrong. So frustrating! Btw xiaolongbao could also be served without soup, with a dipping sauce instead and the whole term sometimes means meatballs.


"My little sister likes soup dumplings" should be accepted... We need 吃 in Chinese but we don't need "to eat" in English!


Likes eating!!!@!!! Like is a verb that can be followed by either to infinitve or a gerund. Fukkkkkkkk!♥♥

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