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Testing-out skills?

What are your thoughts on skipping skills by testing them out? Do you think it's fine, as long as you keep strengthening them, or is it better to take it slow? Or is this more a case of preference?

November 16, 2017



If you successfully test out of a skill, it's something that you already know, so there's no point in having to re learn them


I mean it really just depends. I took the Chinese placement test and tested out of 28 skills and honestly I don't rate my Chinese to be that high sometimes. I have my days lol. There's so much I don't know, and despite having a vocab bigger than my class due to intensive summer courses in China where I had to pick things up, there are still things I struggle in. So I feel like my best bet is starting from what I'm iffy on and continue with my actual class. This gives me the chance to refresh and strengthen what I already know. I guess it depends on the language as well. My thoughts on Spanish are different than my thoughts on Chinese, or Korean or Japanese, or any other languages so it really just depends.

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