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"I'm Hua Li."


November 16, 2017



你姓Pipta,叫Pipta Evan。他叫Milton Alex。


With Chinese names, the family name should always come first no matter how they are written.


True. Nobody says "Zedong Mao".


Wo shi Li Hua is "I am Hua Li". Shi is the verb "to be" in Chinese. The Jiao usage is confusing


叫 jiào means "to be called." You can say 我叫李华。 or 我是(shì)李华。but the former is more common and a more natural way to introduce yourself. 李 is one of the most common surnames in China. Learn this one!


叫 jiào means "to be called." You can say 我叫李华。 or 我是(shì)李华。but the former is more common and a more natural way to introduce yourself. 李 is one of the most common surnames in China. Learn this one!


That's why I came here too...,


I'm a Chinese native and I do not understand what on earth is going on


too fast too learn


If you keep listening to it over and over again, and then listen to the characters individually eventually you'll recognize it and it won't be too fast.


Can you say it in english when we get it wrong?


Please just pick a name order and stick to it, Duolingo!


Wouldn't a more accurate translation be "我是李華“?


"hua" the character is wrong. it's different


If someone says their name is hua li, you should call them hua li, not li hua.


Some people are complaining that the names are reversed. In most of Asia, or all of Asia I think, the names are reversed, first name goes first as like a surname and last name goes last. I think they do this because they want to teach you the correct way to say your name in Chinese.


I'm is a contraction of I am and therefore should be wo shi and not wo jiao.


No, 我叫__ is correct in Chinese. Don't expect to be able to translate everything in English word-for-word into Chinese. Sometimes 是 is not used, such as in this case.


I'm Taiwanese. This isn't correct. While "我叫" is correct Chinese, it literally means "I'm called". It CAN be used interchangeably with "我是" when introducing oneself; when asking for someone over the phone in Chinese, for example, I encounter the latter exclusively as a response.


Why sometimes the first two hanzi(?) are inverted i dont get it


The Chinese language presents the family name first. English presents it last.


I'm Hua Li written as it's read in Chinese should be 我叫华李. When doulingo pronounces the hanzi, they are pronounced as wo jiao hua li. Besides there's the problem of Shi4 or jiao4. I would prefer, in this case, shi4. My name is Hua li --> Then wo3 jiao4 Hua Li (same order).


hello carlos calleja


What is the significance of the placement of 我 and 叫? I know that one is "I am" and the other is "you are". But I'm having trouble telling when to use what.


Okay I'm a total noob but I think 我 = wo = I/me, so it will not mean "you" regardless of the order. The difference in order just changes the object of the sentence. So depending on the order it would either be "Call me Hua Li" or "I am called Hua Li"


You're right!


I try to answer the question but I can't but I still learn hard.


This is ridiculous!!! People with no Chinese knowledge or background on the ancient times-no offense-does not know that we speak with the last name first. So, kind of fair....because this is how we really speak in Chinese. Apologizes I can see the argument on both sides.


I thought the translation will be call me Li Hua


Why when learning you get told 我 is I, me and I'm if when you only put 我 it tells you that you are wrong and need 叫 so that it is 我叫李化


At least, to say "mine", you just add "的" and you're done.


Im having a hard time with the mandarin symbols.


Try this: take a piece of paper and draw the character and pinyin by hand a couple of times. This method is very effective and you'll never forget it.

[deactivated user]

    This is still happening.

    I suggest we all just report it as "should accept my answer" so that DL makes it so that the order no longer matters...

    I don't see a way to be "objective" or to reach a consensus about which order is "correct" in translations.


    I just started and I got a quite confused, but now I have no problem to deal with it. Just to point out, I had already memorized about 100 characters before I started the course. They repeat again and again the same exercises, eventually, you will memorize the structures.


    why is 我叫李化 incorrect?

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