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  5. "Ještě nebylo jedenáct."

"Ještě nebylo jedenáct."

Translation:It was not eleven yet.

November 16, 2017



Is this not about time, or did I do something else wrong? my translation "it was not eleven o'clock yet" got rejected for using the wrong word and nothing was highlighted.


Why "o'clock"? There is no "hodin" in the Czech sentence.


Yeah I noticed when I got it wrong, but it didn't feel right to get punished since I think one would put that word in there in ones mind. Like A: Do you have...? B: No, I don't (have...).


I cannot figure out why už is only "yet" here and cannot mean "even" . Is it not possible to say "it was not even eleven"?


"even" is a bit different from "yet" when speaking about time, isn't it?

it didn't even happen vs. it didn't happen yet - Quite different for me.

"it was not even eleven" "nebylo ani jedenáct"
"it was not even eleven yet" "ještě nebylo ani jedenáct"

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