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"Forty Yuan"


November 16, 2017



Thanks for the course! Does the tone chane here because it's in a sentence? And more generally, in coloquial speech, do tones change?



Tones can change when the same tones follow each other. There are rules for this, but really no need to try to wrap your brain around that yet. Just get real familiar with the correct tones first. You'll thank yourself later.


If there is a different tone and the word is spelled the same. They mean different things, different words


These are the notes on the web version of the Chinese course.

"Sometimes Chinese tones change based on the tone that follows it. There are three main places where you will see this: with all 3rd tones (low then rising tones), with the character 一 yī (1/one), and with the character 不 bù (no, not). Here we’ll take a quick look at how the 3rd tone changes.

There are two main rules for how to pronounce the 3rd tone: When you have two 3rd tones together, the first one becomes a 2nd tone (rising tone). When you have a 3rd tone followed by any other non-3rd tone syllable, it only lowers, it doesn’t rise at the end."


Why is this downvoted? It's actually helpful. Especially on mobile, where you can't see the tips and notes.


Does yuan sound like gahn to anyone else?


Do i really need to guess the meaning of these characters? Where in the lesson am i supposed to see what they mean? It feels like im missing something.


It's not particularly challenging when 元 only appears in the single option containing two characters...


Is this ever getting harder? Did 7 now to go to more crowns but still answering 4 yuan, 20 etc questions. What about千 and 万?


Again only one real choice! Are you wasting people's time on purpose?

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