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Should I learn German or Hungarian first?

Hi, I am a student who lives and studies in Hungary, even though I am not from Hungary, and I do not speak the language. I know a little bit of German, I can't even say that I know, it's like barely A1 level I guess, but right now I am thinking which one should I learn first. I think that German is more useful, but also I will be living in Hungary for two more years which will make it easier to learn the language I guess, so.. I can't really decide which one should I learn now. What do you think?

November 16, 2017



Normally I would encourage German over Hungarian but you have an unusual opportunity for Hungarian Immersion, so just for you, I would recommend Hungarian.

Hungarian is a challenge to say the least for the English speaker. It may be the most different language (alphabet aside) grammatically from English currently offered as a course on Duolingo.


I think you should learn both! But right now since you're in Hungary, I would focus on learning some Hungarian.


I definitely want to learn both, but I was thinking which one first. But I guess Hungarian would make more sense to learn for now at least, since I am living here.


I'm learning hungarian atm and it is awesome. It is a little weird to get used to, but once you grasp a few core concepts (vowel harmony, case suffixes, word/phrase order) the language makes a lot of sense.


Being in the country makes all the difference. Hungarian.


If you live in Hungary you have to learn Hungarian. Not only will it make it easier, I just think there's something not right with planning an extended stay in a country but not learning their language.


I speak some German and I have been learnig Hungarian for a while. What I can say is :

Those are two languages that have absolutely nothing in common !

Many people find hungarian very difficult. I find it a very interesting, modular and logical language. Learning it gives me a lot of pleasure. Since you live in Hungary, you have a fantastic opportunity and I strongly recommend you to learn it. It will be a big plus for your career since few people speak it outside Hungary and the adjacent regions... which is not the case for German.

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I wouldn't say, that they have absolutely nothing in common. Of course they are not related, but since German was used in Hungary (even its official language) for some time, there are a lot of words and expressions in Hungarian that came from German. When I learned German I found it relatively easy based on my Hungarian and English knowledge.


Take advantage of your opportunity living there: Hungarian


I would say Hungarian while you are in Hungary!


Ya you should start with German first I think you like it because I just started and its really fun and then do Hungarian.

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