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Bug in immersion allows you to get free lingots

I have accidentally discovered that if you translate a sentence and click "Looks good" to remove your own upvote and then click it again to restore it - you will "have received 1 Lingot for helping to translate [document title]". You can get an unlimited number of lingots by repeating this process on other sentences.

This might additionally imply that doing this results in "your translation being approved by the community", despite you're the only one to upvote it.

Detailed instructions:

translate a sentence Choose an article to translate, find a sentence you like and provide a translation for it, submit it.

remove your vote You will see that nobody rated it as "looks wrong" and one person rated it "looks good". That person is you. Click "looks good" to remove your vote.

restore your vote Now the score is 0:0. Click "looks good" one more time to restore your vote.

back to start Now we're back to the original situation, however... Refresh the page.

refreshed A notification! I wonder what could it be... Let's click it!

lingot award

Ha! The community (represented by your own self) has awarded you a lingot for your great contribution!

April 7, 2014



Apparently, they fixed it. I tried doing it to back you up, but apparently, they fixed the problem.


This might be more complicated then. I tried it with a different article now, and it still works (ie. it's not fixed). I guess there might be other variables taken into account when ruling a translation as accepted by the community. Like sentence length, your tier, time, etc. but it's just a guess.



Could you give me more pictures? I don't exactly know what you mean when you describe the steps.


I've edited the original post to include detailed instructions.


What do you have to click

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