"Some police officers are coming."

Translation:Des policiers arrivent.

November 16, 2017



Why not certains policiers

November 16, 2017


You are right, "certains" is often used to translate "some + plural subject noun", especially when the context distinguishes a few individuals from a group, like:

"Some police officers are coming but a few are on duty".

The original sentence was "Des policiers arrivent", which usually better translates to "Police officers are coming", because the only meaning of "des" is "more than one".

Most of the time, "des" does not need a translation and using "some" does not make the noun or the sentence more accurate, but often more confusing, in my opinion.

November 17, 2017


I totally agree. Can the word "some" be removed from the English interpretation of this sentence. After all un officier = "a police officer"and des officiers = "police officers". Makes sense with the other un/ene vs des education we have on the site.

November 18, 2017
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