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  5. "Není tvůj!"

"Není tvůj!"

Translation:He is not yours!

November 16, 2017



why is the translation not also possible with "It is not yours" ?


"It is not yours" is also accepted


"It is not yours." does not translate as "Není tvůj." You'd have to have the possessive pronoun in neuter "Není tvoje."


Not necessarily. It really depends on the gender of the noun. For example, "syn" (son) and "dům" (house) are both masculine nouns in Czech, and this sentence "Není tvůj" could be applied to both of them, and yet in English they would be translated differently.

ten syn není tvůj - son - he is not yours ten dům není tvůj - house - it is not yours

"Není tvoje" would be used only with nouns in neuter: to dítě není tvoje - the child is not yours to auto není tvoje - the car is not yours


Why is "Not yours!" wrong?


It is just a fragment, there is no verb in it.


But Slavic languages admit such short answers. "Не твоя!", "Не твой!


But you wrote it in English!

Russian does allow zero copula, Czech does not.


But "Není tvůj!" is zero copula! Although indeed English does not allow that, so if the only issue is how this phrase correctly reads in English then that's OK. So the question remains if "Není tvůj!" is zero copula or not. Per my perception of these two languages (Czech and Russian) its all the same.


It is not zero copula. Není = не есть = is not.

Czech does not have zero copula. That is an Eastern Slavic feature.


"She is not yours" should be accepted as well, right?


No. She is not yours = Není tvoje / tvá.


I did "that is not yours" which was not accepted. Is there a reason for this?


Yes. That should be translated as to, tamto, tamhleto. You cannot just leave it out as you can on, ona, ono (he, she, it).

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