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"Je veux finir mon verre de thé."

Translation:I want to finish my glass of tea.

March 15, 2013



They should probably change glass to cup. Has anyone ever had a glass of tea?


I sometimes drink tea (not ice tea) in a glass when I don't want to wash the cup. Surprisingly, it tastes the same.


yes, ice-tea...


Also, in Turkey and a few Slavic and Asian countries tea is drunk from small glasses.


I have a glass tea-cup. They can be made to handle hot tea and my feeling is they are fairly common in European countries such as France and Germany.


Turkey is the leading consumer in the world by far and I tell you my friend tea is drank in glass :-))


Isn't England first (2,2kg per year per head) and Turkey second (2,1kg per year per head)?


I personally drink like 6-7 glass a day :-) Anyway, I was referring to that site, at the midle of the page: http://priceonomics.com/how-the-world-gets-its-caffeine-fix/


Fine, I had found another source but I believe you are best placed to know! http://globometer.com/boissons-the-monde.php


Ha! I was just thinking of my school lunches where they had 1000 glasses but not 1000 mugs, so we got tea in a glass :)


That's how single guys do it. :) In some countries (hot) tea is served in tiny glasses, not cups.


I don't know why so many bang on about whether a sentence is likely or not. I don't care if it said 'a bucket of tea' - the point is understanding.


Yes, the point is understanding, but we also want to know what sentences to actually use when speaking French to French people. We want to know whether it will be considered natural or odd by a native speaker. Understanding nuance is a very important part of language learning.


I have never heard an english person saying "...finish my glass of tea". One would say "...finish my tea".


In the US more people drink iced tea in a glass. Especially sweet tea in the south.


Cup of tea is what an anglophone would say whether the tea really was in a glass. I understand that in French "un verre de the" is acceptable. it's difficult, but I'll keep trying :)


To agree with most - no matter what it is served in, in English we say "cup of tea" unless it is cold then we say "glass of iced tea"


glass of tea! with lemon and umbrellas in it no doubt. What a bunch of chuffs!


um I wrote I want to finish off my glass of tea. Is this wrong or just a duo translate thing?


In Australia, we always say "a cup of tea" whether it's in a cup or a glass or what. It's just a cup of tea no matter what the receptacle.

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