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  5. "The dog eats a bit of bread."

"The dog eats a bit of bread."

Translation:개가 빵을 조금 먹습니다.

November 16, 2017



Why can't it be: "개가 조금 빵을 먹습니다"?


I do not know for sure, this is pure conjecture, but perhaps 조금 is acting as an adverb describing 먹다 in this case as opposed to an adjective describing 빵.

Clarification on this would be much appreciated.


That's right. In English we like to modify our nouns with adjectives, but in Korean, it is often more natural to modify our verbs with adverbs. Why? Because Korean is not English. Since 조금 is an adverb, it should modify 먹다.

As another example: "I eat a lot of food."
In English, we modify "food" with "a lot". However, in Korean, it would be more natural to modify the verb "to eat".

저는 많은 밥을 먹어요 (sounds unnatural)
저는 밥을 많이 먹어요 (sounds good)


I think it has been updated to accep that as correct. I got a correct answer with that same structure


i got an incorrect when i wrote 조금 before bread but i just realized it underlined the wrong typo, i accidentally typed room instead of bread, but it underlined 조금 as the typo.....i reported to help anyone else who might have this problem.


nvm i couldnt report because there wasn't an option for it


I translate it like you write here and mine one is accepted


Nearly 30 new vocabulary words in this lesson. How is a person supposed to cope??


Why does it have to be 개가 and not 개는? To me it feels a lot more natural to use 는 when it's "the dog", as opposed to "a dog".


I totally agree! The subject is clear, the object is clear, and the verb is clear. What else could it mean?


gaega ppangeul jogeum magseubnida




What is the 을 after 빵


Its an object marker I believe. 는/은 is topic, 가/이 is subject, and 를/을 is object in that order.

If you have a hard time identifying topic from subject like I did, the difference is something like 개가 is "the dog" whereas 개는 suggests "a dog" from what I understand. The context changes quite a bit in both languages. Sorry if you already had those figured out. Lol.


Can't it be: "개가 조금 빵이를 먹습니다." ?? Please answer :(


Can someone please tell me how and when the "을" is used in "빵을" 감사합니다!!!

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