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Questions on writing. Edit: and Listening

What's what best way for someone to learn how to write the characters? I really enjoy doing Duolingo and plan on finishing the tree then continue off into reading and writing while also listening. I was wanting to write while I was learning. Is there a site or place I can use to learn to write for example, copy and paste the Chinese characters into a site and it shows you the strokes in order. If anyone has advice please help. I just started Mandarin I'm really enjoying it.

Edit: Also curious on ways of increasing listening. There is a tv show with English Subtitles on youtube called "Think before you marry" Which so far is ok in speed. I however don't understand any of it, but plan on watching it 2 more times but with subtitles turned off. Anyone have any other Tv shows or movies they would recommend. If you list any please post at what speed it's at. being Slow- Medium- Fast- Hopefully people most a lot of tips and stuff for Mandarin. So far it's amazing.

November 16, 2017



Wiktionary offers stroke order pages on how characters should be written. Theoretically, you could print the first image repeatedly and use that as handwriting practice sheets.


I just generally search "[insert character here] stroke order" on Google Images and a bunch of diagrams come up right away.


I'll try that for the things i've went over until more advice comes in. Thanks =)


In addition to TheEeveeLord’s advice, please remember (since what you seem to be learning is Mandarin) to use the keyword “hanzi” (chinese characters) in your search , to avoid results related to kanji (Japanese characters) that are similar but not the same.



This dictionary also gives the stroke order (From my experience Wikitionary can be somewhat lacking with Asian languages, and from a few quick searches it doesn't seem like they always show stroke order).

There are also general rules you can learn, which usually suffices (once you know the stroke order for enough simple words, the stroke order for more complex words is usually logical and will come naturally).


I use the yabla.com Chinese dictionary (https://chinese.yabla.com/chinese-english-pinyin-dictionary.php) which will show you the stroke order for characters. They refer to skritter.com which seems to be a paid app which I haven't tried out. I just downloaded the Pleco (pleco.com) app, which will also show you the stroke order and (most importantly to me, to help me deconstruct the character), the radical.

Hope this helps!

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