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  5. "请坐!"


Translation:Please sit!

November 16, 2017



"Please have a seat" is a viable translation.


That's true. ' However learning a language is not about viable translations. In fact it's not about translations at all, it's about learning to think in a language. In this case "Please sit" is the "best" translation.


Sounds weird but when read 2nd time, your statement make some sense. Sometimes there are phrases where we can't translate word by word especially idioms. Need to understand the language also their culture. Of course the meaning of the phrase too is important.


Please be seated.


Could this be seen as rude?


Not really. 请 or "Please" itself is a polite request. Unless you are instructing a person 坐! or "Sit!". Then it will probably sound rude.

"Please sit" is literal translation. In most Western countries will probably say "Please be seated" or "Please have a seat" , etc. But in Chinese "请坐" is good enough and suitable either casual or formal use.


Is "Please be seated" incorrect?It is not accepted.


As others have said, the most common translations would be "please have a seat / take a seat / be seated". But this can also be used when addressing a large group so "please take your seats" is also possible.


"Please sit down!" would do i think. Just "Sit!" is more like a command to a dog.


Luckily and for once, DL has just accepted that for me ("Please sit down"), 9/May/2020.

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