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"The book which I like very much is this"

Translation:Kitabu ambacho ninakipenda sana ni hiki

November 16, 2017



Is kitabu ninachokipenda sana ni hiki correct as well?


It certainly looks correct to me (though I am not a native speaker). I have always thought of the amba- relative and the relative "infix" as being equivalent, except there are some places the "infix" does not work, such as with conditional tenses: Mtu ambaye ukimwona utacheka; mtu ambaye (kama) ungemwona ungecheka; mtu ambaye (kama) ungalimwona, ungalicheka. And sometimes the amba- relative helps to clarify complicated sentences. And there probably other cases that don't come to mind at the moment where the amba- relative is required or preferred.


Can i just say "ninapenda" instead of "ninakipenda"?


I thought you needed the object infix.


You can say "Kitabu ninachopenda ni hiki" without using the object infix, but "Kitabu ninapenda ni hiki" is wrong. You have to use the relative infix or an "amba" construction: "Kitabu ambacho ninapenda ni hiki."


"Kitabu ninachopenda" should be accepted.


But it isn't (nov. 2020).


Clarity please

A previous sentence read, " The books which they read have nice pictures" - DL did not want me to add vi infix in that sentece Like, "vitabu ambavyo wanavisoma vina picha nzuri.

Now, this sentence is not accepted without ki infix. Like, "kitabu ambacho ninapenda ni hiki"

Am I missing something?


It is annoying....all these inconsistencies did make me quit before .... I am about to do so again only some three lessons from the end. You have to record these sentences so that you can do it "right" the way they have decided at random.


I have the same question: I can't work out if there is a specific object infix rule which I don't understand or if it's another problem with this course


I'm pretty sure it's the course


I agree. This should be revised, though it must be a hard job to deal with all our creative answers.


Could we put "This is the book that I like very much" to make it better idiomatic English? 20201119


I agree, this would be a better translation. But maybe this translation helps better to understand the grammatical construct.

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