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New Chinese course

Hello everyone! I was so glad to see that there is a new Chinese course available for beta release, however after I completed the placement test, I was shocked. Whilst lots of European languages do have a "right and wrong" way of saying things, Chinese has many ways to say one desired phrase. As a result of this, the placement test gave me level 5. I am fluent in Chinese and have spoken it for nearly a decade. Is this strange misrepresentation fixable?? I would love to help

November 16, 2017



With other courses you report when you think your answer is correct by Duo marks it wrong. Then someone looks at it and adds your answer, if appropriate. Probably the same here.


Hello :) the Chinese course is in Beta stage, meaning that a lot of right answers are not yet included in course incubator. To help out the moderators, you guys can suggest as many right answers as you know, and they will add them up ^^ It will greatly help improve the course! ^^


Hahaha, I got level 6 in my native language.

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