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I took a language test on Deutsche welle

30 questions placement test. Struggled with some. Educated guess on some.

79% of a1 level. Recommends start "a2 lessons"

Duolingo says I'm 63 percent fluent.

Take it and post your results?

November 16, 2017



Thanks! I'm so happy, I took the B1 test and got 67%! It recommends B2 lessons. I hope they offer a B2 level test soon. It seems they only offer up to B1. I'm really happy because the only methods I have used for German are Duolingo and a lot of listening to German radio, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


Thanks! 80%, A2 lessons recommended.

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I took B1 and scored 80% (plus I made at least one typo and one question had a bug = couldn't play its audio). This is a new format of the tests, I'm sure there used to be a test for B2 as well. Maybe they will add it soon.


I saw that! An audio exercise with questions and no audio file anywhere! I wish I would've done the test more carefully. I discovered the link at 2 am and did it kind of carelessly and when I started making mistakes I got discouraged and just wanted the test to get over with and go to bed lol. Several months ago I did a 100+ question test from some language school in Germany and the results were B2 and said I should register for a C1 class. My wife said maybe it's a trick to get you to attend their school in Germany. So I was happy to find Deutsche Welle because I think they are pretty reputable. (Although I was thinking, that if you register for a C1 class in Germany and discover it was a lie and you are only A2-B1, they would lose a student awful quick! So maybe the test was somewhat "too positive" but not extremely. I wish there was some way I could truly have my level confirmed WITHOUT spending the money yet for an official Goethe Institut test.)

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Hi, by different tests I've been placed anywhere between B1 and C1... I also passed B2 on DW (when they still offered B2 test). I do believe B2 is my level these days.

If Language school tests are inaccurate then usually they underestimate your knowledge, since they want you to attend (pay for) more courses (say you're level B2 and are ready to take C1 course, but they recommend you level B2 first. Eventually you might pay them for C1 too in the future, resulting in more profit for them).

As for other resources please look at my post here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24437249


Czech Republic, very cool! That's another country I want to visit some day. I listen to "Andrea erzählt" and "Typisch Helene" too. I love them and all podclub.ch has to offer, they are fantastic! I listen to "Zu Gast Bei Dagmar" also, and now they have a new one....."Zukker im Leben". I listen to all their French podcasts too.

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Even if I can hardly believe it, I am caught up with all podclub.ch German podcasts and my French is not so good yet for listening there. . but maybe one day. I take my French really slowly so I'm not that sure how far I will get, but maybe slow and steady really wins the race and my French will be better than my German one day. So far it's more like 5:1 (German team winning in this match). Happy learning :-)


What other things do you use besides Duolingo to work on your German?

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