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"Co doporučujete místo vepřového, které nejím?"

Translation:What do you recommend instead of pork, which I do not eat?

November 16, 2017



"What do you recommend instead of pork that I don't eat" was not accepted. What's wrong?


Try googling "which vs. that", there are plenty of articles about the difference.

The information that I don't eat pork is an additional piece of information, and it does not define the "pork" in the sentence. Using "that" would 1) likely beg a definite article before "pork", 2) mean that I may eat pork in general but I don't eat this particular pork (the "pork" would be defined by the "that I don't eat" clause).


Many thanks. This information was very helpful.


No problems. There are many situations where it doesn't matter much whether you use "that" or "which". But this is an example where it does matter.

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