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  5. "The shoe is red."

"The shoe is red."

Translation:La chaussure est rouge.

March 15, 2013



i haven't learned "soulier" jet :((


"un soulier" is an old-fashioned synonym of "une chaussure"


Why would they say chaussure is a wrong word


Because you wrote LE chaussure, then the system kept LE and suggested a masculine synonym to match the masculine article.


So why is Soulier correct, and Chaussure isn't?


If you start your translation with LE, the system will suggest "soulier", because "la chaussure" is feminine.


Didnt know shoes had a gender


Every French noun has a gender, masculine or feminine.


In "portuguese" nouns have gender too, but in portuguese "shoe" is masculine: "o sapato"


Still confused on difference between 'es' and 'est'? Can someone explain?


Verb être: to be

Je suis : I am Tu es : you are (s) Il/elle/on est : he/she/one is Nous sommes : We are Vous êtes : you are (pl or formal) Ils/elles sont : they (m/f) are


es is the conjugation of the verb etre with tu and est is the conjugation of etre with il/elle/on


LA Chaussure is correct, LE Chaussure is wrong.


Are any kind of shoes feminine?


Types of shoes: un escarpin, une sandale, une bottine, une botte, un après-ski, une claquette, une cuissarde, une espadrille, un mocassin, un trotteur...

All of them are des chaussures, feminine.


It showed chaussure and i had the sentence correct but it said incorrect because i didn't use soulier


You probably wrote "le chaussure" instead of "la chaussure". This is why the computer picked the next possible translation with a masculine noun: "le soulier."


How am I supposed to know when I should say "chaussure" and when I should say "solier"? Why are they not interchangeable?


If you enter "le chaussure", which is wrong because "la chaussure" is a feminine noun, the system will propose the next masculine synonym, which is "le soulier".

By the way, "une chaussure" and "un soulier" are not really interchangeable, since in France, the noun "un soulier" is almost never used (but it is in Quebec).


Seriously? First it's wrong because I wrote chaussure and not soulier, which it hadn't introduced yet. And when I get the question again it's wrong because I wrote soulier and not chaussure. Bad pedagogy.


As already explained, when you use the wrong gender, the system keeps the wrong article and suggests a synonym matching this gender.

So, if you wrote "un chaussure", which is wrong, because "une chaussure" is feminine, the system will suggest "un soulier", which is masculine.


When I choose chaussure the answer changes!!!!

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Please read the explanation already given in the comments above.


I have read and understood the masculine/feminine explanations. I would like to suggest that the noun of the introduced/primary vocabulary word is prioritized over the article...and all that over an alternate term.


I am not sure I have understood your suggestion.

The very first time you see a new noun on this course, it has an article (or determiner of some kind).

Not only does it help you remember that French nouns use articles in 99% of cases, but it also teaches you which gender the noun is.

If you learn: "apple = [une pomme] as if the article were a prefix, you have a better chance to remember the noun's gender next time you need it.

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That really is a great idea. However, Duolingo's program is set to process the words of the sentence in a linear fashion. So if it sees "le", it looks among all the possible answers to find a sentence that has "le" in that position. The only one is "le soulier". I'm afraid that Duo's staff would be loathe to scrap the entire program to re-write it in the way you describe.


I wrote la chaussure, and it's wrong??


Why is the Quebecios version said to be wrong? Im Canadian so it help to use that version


This course is teaching French from France only.


I haven't learned this word. Chaussure is just fine. You are a bunch of f------ idiots.


I put the correct answer in five times, there is a bug in the program so I cannot move forward in this section!

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