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New arabic transcription

With the good news of the Arabic course finally in the incubator I decided to share with you my own transcription system that I made for arabic. So I noticed that there is no official "romanization" of arabic and the few ones that already exist lack some reversibility. So I've been thinking about it and working on a system that could be a good transliteration (every arabic letter has a unique equivalent thus making it reversible), a good transcription (pronunciation would be easily guessed) and easily readable and writable. Of course it doesn't aim the replacement of the arabic script but only an official and standard way to write for instance arabic names, places countries, brands ... So let's begin ! I shall write them all then explain ...

a = ا
b = ب
t = ت
ť (t') = ث
g = ج
ḥ (h.) = ح
x = خ
d = د
ď (d') = ذ
r = ر
z = ز
s = س
š (s') = ش
ṣ (s.) = ص
ḍ (d.) = ض
ṭ (t.) = ط
ẓ (z.) = ظ
e = ع
ğ (g') = غ
f = ف
q = ق
k = ك
l = ل
m = م
n = ن
h = ه
u = و (always 'u' but can be written 'v' when consonant)
i = ي (always 'i' but can be written 'j' when consonant)
è = ء
à = أ
ù = ؤ
ì = ئ
å = ة
â = ى
ã = آ

Okay so that was the letter now let's talk about the short vowels (diacritics):
fatha = ä (it comes after the consonant that it marks)
kasra = ï
damma = ü

So ' إ ' is ' àï ' but becomes shorten to ' î ' and ' أُ ' is ' àü ' and becomes ' û '

Now shadda will be marked by the capitalized letter so for example بّ is B. So you can differentiate sun and moon letters: alŠäms - alqämär

examples of use:

sentence 1 : أمجَد كانَ لَهُ قَصر = àmgäd kanä lähü qäṣr.

sentence 2 : إِلَى الْمَمْلَكَة الْمَغْرِبِيَّة = îlâ almämläkå almäğrïbïJå but you can also write it without diacritcs so it becomes = îlâ almmlkå almğrbjå . You can also decide to use i instead of j (for aesthetic reason since i always = j but j not always = i) =îlâ almämläkå almäğrïbiå

So here it is the basics of my transcription/transliteration system that I decided to call FAST ( for Farsi Arabic System of Transcription). Because it also works with persian but you need to include four more letters (p=پ ç=چ ž=ژ ḱ=گ).

I made a program out of this that can do the transliteration automatically to show the reversibility of this system. I know it's not perfect but it's still open to debate. And I think it could be great for the new Arabic course that is coming to be able to go from the arabic script to this script (like the Russian course does).

I hope that you like it and don't hesitate to suggest any other ideas or advices. Thanks for reading everyone

November 16, 2017



Nice work!

Here's a tip for formatting your letters. If you want a single "enter" between two lines, you have to enter two spaces at the end of the first line, followed by an enter and the second line. If you implemented this into your romanization it would ease reading. Thanks!


thanks for the tip, I just did that and it worked thanks :D


Oh my God, how you learn this language I'll never know. Seems impossible to me. Cheers to everyone who learns it. You guys are language bosses.

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