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  5. "你叫张明。"


Translation:You are Zhang Ming.

November 16, 2017



Something I really want to learn about is the assimilation of sounds in Chinese. Chinese is a tone language, and therefore the intonation of a character is essential to its meaning. But at least in the sentence I hear here, the characters are pronounced so quickly that it affects their intonation, basically turning them into different characters.


There are 5 tones flat tone, rising tone valley tone, falling tone, and no tone. heres an example of all of the tones ā á ǎ à a I know that its not that much help, but if you listwn closely you might ve able to figure out the tones.


I like to think of the order as looking like yī xiăo when put together, where it's flat -, then the rising / check mark v falling \, and a dot ° for neutral to make sure there is no confusion.


Sometimes tones can "change" depending on context. The same character may sound different by itself or in a sentence, but that's normal. For instance, when speaking quickly or when asking a question, it may sound a bit different but the characters are the same (and the meaning too). I guess it's a matter of pronunciation. I hope this makes sense.


When you tap on lessons there is also a button called 'Tips' where they show and pronounce these tones.

Select the second Greetings lesson and then tap 'Tips'

Hope that helped. Im not an expert in chinese XD


Thank this are the tones how is the gramatical and how is your sound is convenient know


I'm sorry, but what?


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Yeah, if you're so sorry how come you did it in the first place?


Tones do switch in some cases depending on the tone of the word coming before.


The intonation for vowels is called hanyu pinyin, and there are normally four tones for this. The same goes for e, i, and o, with the exception of u (which has five). Say, "a". There's āáǎà. I suppose one way to describe how these sound is that: ā would sound like an ah, but in a very light tone; á sounds like an ah where the end goes downwards (more like an aaah, I guess??); ǎ is a very flat "ah"; and à is like an ah! You can actually write out whole sentences with this hanyu pinyin, and it works as a guide as to how to pronounce things. In this sentence here, a good romanization with pinyin would be wǒ shì Zhāng Míng.


I guess it is pretty hard to describe tones with writing. You can probably look up on YouTube or something for a video or audio of someone saying the tone marks. I think I might have seen a chart with audios on YoYo Chinese, but that may not have had pinyin. I'm pretty sure that all vowels can have a neutral tone. In "妈妈,“ the first ma has a first tone and the second ma has a neutral tone, so it would look like mā ma if you wrote it out. If a character's pinyin doesn't have a tone mark written it probably means it is neutral.


I hear what you’re saying. I have the same problem. But what I’m doing is I’m first noticing which ones have arise at the end of it. And I’ve also noticed That just looking at her word has one sound and when it is in a sentence it has an abbreviated shortcut sound. And this is not just in Chinese it’s it is I found it in other languages as well. But don’t discourage the more you work with this language the easier the sounds are going to be just start on the easy ones that are easy to do and then just progressed slowly.


I thought this at first as well. The context of what is being talked about helps a lot.


Sometimes the tone changes or sounds wrong because the way the word is pronounced.


I never thought of it that way, but I guess your right...


This course isn't working for me thus far, personally. The focus so far is on recognising characters with their sounds but not their meaning! Which seems quite pointless. I'm flying totally blind. Is it just me? I had high hopes for my experience, coz I loved the Italian course


This is true for the part of the lesson where new characters are introduced.

However, when complete sentences are taught you can hover your mouse over individual characters and find out their meaning.

But i agree with you; the meaning of individual characters should be made known when they are introduced.

I hope Duo will take this as a positive feedback since the course is still in beta.


I agree as I used the Spanish course and thought it was great, I do however think another app will help, I use Hello Chinese app (free version) which explains everything by subject so it's way better and is good explaining things however since I noticed Duo had the course it's been good to use both and compare as I was so curious if they'd teach the same way. Ultimately Duo for me anyway, it has been very good for learning the characters, definitely needs some improvements with the robotic voices but my advice is try and use another app alongside see how you go?


Agreed. Hello Chinese is a great app, have been using it for months. Having more resources is always good for comprehension!


Hi @Conchi, I'm curious, since I'm using Duolingo and HelloChinese (plus Lingodeer before HC). What makes you feel Duolingos is better? I'm an avid Duo user, but I like HelloChinese the best (although I'm only 4 levels up the tree in HC)


@yacico: have you tried pleco? I recommend to give it a try, you won't be disappointed.


Yes, I am taking Spanish lessons in Duolingo and it is great. Chinese seems to be a bit more difficult.


conjugations of verbs vs Pharsal verbs vs tones. I'm native spanish speaker, Duo is amazing.


Yh me 2, spanish is very easy..

<h1>determinationftw :)</h1>


I have the same problem but what I’m doing is I’m keeping a notebook. In this notebook I write down the characters and what they’re supposed to sound like and then I add which I think their sound like. And then later on in the lesson when I found out that this character is for House, Student, Hong Kong or Taiwan Or whatever, then I go back in my notebook and add this information to the original notes to the character what words it is in and this way I argument the lessons. And use the lessons as they come but then I go back and add more meaning to the lesson with the new information in later lessons! Hope this helps. You cannot learn all languages the same way. So I invent different ways of learning each language as I need them.


I write flash cards to help me


same here! I really don't get it


I think I agree. Chinese being my first language but not being very fluent I feel like I've been getting through this course mostly on background knowledge. But eventually that's going to run out and I'm not sure if I will be able to keep up with it. I'm not sure if I'm actually learning anything new or just remembering old stuff.


that's why i research them and study them.


It is not fair. In a previous question Duo asked to translate 'You call Hua Li'. And I should choose Ni yao li hua. But vice versa translation (Ni yao zhang ming -> You call Ming Zhang) is not accepted. Why?


Btw its Ni jiao li hua (你叫李华) for you are called Li Hua (or Hua Li following the "Western" arrangement). You call Li Hua would be Ni jiao le li hua (你叫了李华), implying that you said his name or perhaps called him using a phone.


你要李华 (ni yao li hua) is not You call Hua Li, since it would mean "you want li hua" XD...if you meant to say 'jiao' instead of 'yao' (which is prob true since sometimes the words sound different on Duo) it would be "Your name is Hua Li". For "You call Hua Li", it would probably be related to calling Hua Li on the phone, which is a different sentence completely..anyway I hope this helps


You call Ming Zhang - was not accepted because correct answer is: You are called Ming Zhang or You are Ming Zhang. Hope this helps.


I know how you fell.


How did he fall??


I'm from united states, but my ancestery is Chinese and my chinese name is Ming. I'm just curious, is that a common name?


Rather! At least, I think so. A common nickname for a boy would be 小明 (xiao3 ming2), most kids are given one and it is used especially within the family, so if the last character of your name was that, it would likely be what everyone called you when you were younger had you lived in, say, China or Taiwan.


You guys can try Pleco for Chinese pronunciation. I highly recommend it. It is a dictionary app by the way. (English to Chinese or vice versa) Hope it helps!


They talk tooo fast


Yeah, I wish all language trees would have a "slow" audo button like Spanish has.


Hover over the characters individually


Keep practicing! You'll get it soon.


Well thats cool...


For me, the word "Zhang" sounds like "Tan", as "ou" in "mouse", for example.


To me it sounds like "Thang"


its a 'Jang' sound


So i understand Ming Zhang is a name, but when highlighting the word, it gives you the true meaning of the word. But im curious on how accurate the translations are? When highlighting 张, Duolingo shows "sheets" and 明 is "next". But on linedict.com it gives a bunch of other meaning other then sheets or next.


What i mean to say is linedict.com doesn't show neither sheets or next, so is Duolingo right on these translations?


Both of those can be correct translations in the right contexts. “两张纸” means “two sheets of paper”. “明年” means “next year”.


In Mandarin, one word can have multiple meanings with tones or without. This is where context is important.


It sounds like the tone is only pronounced on the very last syllable of each word or phrase. Everything else is flat. Am I missing something?


it's funny they translate Zhang Ming into Sheets Next

[deactivated user]

    Is it just me...or the audio is really buggy in a lot of lessons :( Here it sounds like Gan instead of Zhang


    你叫张明 (The pinyin for the last two characters are Zhang Ming) Therefore the name Zhang Ming is correct. Ming Zhang is putting it into western format, where the last name is actually last (明张)


    That is why it's more accurately called surname or family name and given name(s).


    Zhang Ming, not Ming Zhang


    It should be Zhang Ming. In English do we say Mao Tse-tung, or Tse-tung Mao?


    "You are Zhang Ming" should be the correct translation, not "Ming Zhang" which is quite unnatural to me.


    It is confusing, indeed, because there is a confusion in this example between the translation into English and the transposition to an English speaking Western society. In the latter, the first name is given before the family name. But such a transposition is unnecessary- and quite unnatural- in the translation into English of a Chinese speaking person presenting itself in the context of a Chinese speaking society.


    Lol I had no idea it wasn't "You called Ming Zhang


    Well, in english we have 2 meanings for called. Chinese only has 1 so it would be hard to mix it up. Youre talking about called as in called on the phone. But the character means called as in your name. Chinese dont have words like 'are', either.


    Ming is a family name (Last Name is first in Mandarin), Zhang is the person's given name. These words have multiple meanings, like most words in Mandarin.


    The name in the sentence is “张明”; “张” (Zhang) is in fact the family name and “明” (Ming) is the given name. The fact that you got them confused in your comment, reasonably expecting to see the surname written first even in the English translation, is an excellent demonstration of why it’s a bad idea to swap names around when translating.


    I agree, and irl it'd be weird to call him Ming Zhang.


    pffffft take this name and translat it zow ching


    你好 都 们。我 叫 Record 。


    Regarding the name order, when translated to English/talking English, are you supposed to preserve the "family name - given name" order or put it into the English order?


    So annoying, sometimes it accepts Zhang Ming as a correct answers, but other times takes it as an incorrect answer is it Zhang Ming or Ming Zhang?


    This went from 0 to 100 real quickly


    Why is it if you typo "you are" as "your are" it doesnt work, shouldn't that count that


    Because Duolingo can't tell the difference between typo and on purpose.


    So, I live in Taiwan. I'm wondering if this will positively or negatively affect my learning of traditional characters . I'm assuming this is simplified Chinese since the icon shows a Chinese flag. I get the listening and speaking benefit and I know some characters are ones I see here, but I'm wondering if this will be beneficial to my understanding Chinese as spoken in Taiwan.


    This course teaches simplified Chinese, but it will definitely benefit your speaking and listening skills in general. There are specific words used mainly in Taiwan, just as there are in China, and everywhere else where there is a group of Chinese language speakers. Think of it as the spoken differences between British English, American English, Australian English and so on.


    How do I know what is a name and what is not??? :"v


    This is soooooo easy


    I put in You are Zhang Ming according to the pronounciation bit it oa flipped here! Are the names flipped in Chinese?


    The meaning of the Chinese words should be taught first before making us answer this kinds of questions


    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so confusing i had know idea what i was doing.


    The instructional design here is weak. The course designers should consider scaffolding the material rather than throwing learners material that does not logically build from the prior material.


    too hard so confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I've done many languages on Duolingo and I've learned nothing but a few characters thus far. Haven't learned a single meaning, just empty sounds. Terrible lesson. Going to Memrise.


    Woah!!! YOU WERENT LYING!!


    It said jiao was call/called/calling in the dictionary. So I'm confused why it is "are" instead


    I just a beginner I do not know any Chinese vocabulary


    The person spoke the sentance really fast! I couldn't actually hear it!!


    I agree. Look at the characters separately. If you can hover your mouse over the letters, it says them.


    Zhang to me pronounced as Tang. I am listening like this. So, is "Zh" means T in sound in Chinese?

    Many times, i listen something else than what English sound say. What to do? What is correct and incorrect!


    is it just me or does it sound like he's saying "Gao Ning" not "Zhang Ming"?


    I listen Tang instead of Zhang.


    the answer is wrong. please check it


    I havn't uderstand this sentence :/ ?? Can anyone explain to me ?? Nd thnx ^^


    My answer is correct and it maekred me wrong


    The order was right I Dont know why it was marked as incorrect. There's some wrong with this.


    Zhang ming looks good


    Its hard to spell out the names in ping yen


    Jiao is "you are called", not IS. CORRECT THAT!


    I like turtles


    I notice on several of these exercises, when presented as "Write this in English", the first name is boldfaced in the Chinese. Is this a convention of Duolingo or a broader convention in Chinese writing?


    Please help me. I dont know this language and i have an essay to write in Chinese but they don't teach me in school because they are always giving detentions. It is due in a week and i am here at 11:38pm learing Chinese. This also sounds all the same


    thank you - i didn't know who i was but now i do thanks :)


    I can't lern noithing


    isn't shi4 the equivalent of "to be"? is 你是张明 wrong?


    Me equivoqué solo en ponerle una g a min ;((


    The Zhang here is badly pronounced


    The answer is you called Zhao ming and the application count it wrong, why?




    I got it wrong because of a typo


    I am so bad at names but super good at numbers


    Till now no exercise for the meaning of this sentence,how could i translate


    I wish there can be a lesson before so i can know the meaning of the words.


    pretty easy for a chiese people


    haha 我是中国人it is true guys


    WHAT THE .....................


    Just made it to the "names' lesson and am now asked to trnaslate 4 word sentences, 3 of which I've never seen before and the remaining of which I know how to pronounce but not what it means. Please check that tested content gets presented at least once before being tested : (


    You are Zhang Ming. = 你是张明 Your name is Zhang Ming. = 你叫张明。


    你叫张明。= Your name is Zhang Ming.


    When the man speak I don't understand


    Duolingo dá comom errada a própria resposta... Corrijam isso por favor. E devolvam meu <3


    I couldn't see you in the app. It just showed me your as an option.


    I don't know the meaning of word


    Its hard to learn because it expects you to learn instantly after seeing it once


    It's right, and yet I'm wrong?


    where did "Ming" came from?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    What is my name in Chinese? I am Sven Sophia C. King


    i PuT tHaT. AnD iTs WrOnG?


    Sooo,,,,, why is 'your' not correct when 'you are' is correct


    I put that it it said it was wrong


    I'm learning this because I'm not good at chinse and if I want to understand I more helping in chinse :D


    I can't spell it and the thing that I want to learn is spelling


    It was an accident. It should of let me do it again.


    Level 3 and already this app is broken. Unistalling and you get one star.

    Maybe if you write an app bug test it before release.

    I cant believe you expect to make money with this garbage.


    This part of the course leaps too far from the last part. The lessons included should be later in the course. Poor scaffolding.


    What does this mean???? I am 10 years old and trying to learn Chinese please explain it to me.


    Actually i wanna learn the chinese accent too. Because when u say those words without the perfect accent, it feels to hear something different


    I accidentally wrote Zhang Hua instead of Zhang Ming XD LOL


    I do not know Chinese at all but I learn it with my brother.....


    I love This teaching and I am glad that I found It Thank you so much


    Now I'm finding it difficult


    I go the sound right but mistakenly pressed confirm


    I put chose the one with both words instead of putting them separately and they said it wrong when it is basically the same thing


    This word is so what


    single tone changes the meaning as a whole


    ming zhang and zhang ming are swapped???


    Your name is Ming Zhao, should be accepted as correct


    I think it can be 'I call you Ming Zhang


    "Greetings" was so easily..now I'm scared! Can't pronounce it!


    Ты офигел или это на какомто языке


    Сука блядь


    Ты офигел или это на какомто языке


    I did not understand


    I know someone called zhang ming...


    I think it's unclear..


    It is hard but i khow some


    Is there a chinese guy here who can tell me what this spells? 啊咯呢?


    i know chinese English and spanish


    Me , Arabic french english and half-Korean


    But i dont get it!!! How do you know how to write youre name????????? According to what? According to letters that makes sounds??????? Acording to what????????????




    I wan't this all to tell you what it means then make you spell and mach it but I realy like it.


    This app is so easy.


    how did the first two symbols make you are.


    What the .... does that mean

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