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Do you have any tips for beginning German?

I love German,but I'm having trouble with remembering what I've learned. Any tips or advice?

November 16, 2017


[deactivated user]

    When you click on a skill in any language, before you start a lesson, scroll down. There are grammar tips, advice, and everything else you will need!!!! I hope that helps!!!


    For the transfer of the learned stuff into the longtime memory, there really is no better way than repetition. Try to include little chunks of repetition regulary in addition to new stuff. Duolingo actually has a pretty good system, because it shows you when to repeat stuff by changing the lessons colour. In my experience however, it is still a bit unsystematic and you get lost a bit in the stuff you learn. So if you seriously want to learn a language, I would recommend, in addition to Duolingo, to do a somewhat more systematic course with a clear stock of vocabulary and grammar each lesson. In my experience, Duolingo is quite good for understanding and other passive skills. But in order to get more active abilities and actually produce some words yourself, you need to use other resources too. At some point to remember all the new stuff, sitting down and learn some words by heart (from your native language INTO the language you want to learn, which is a bit neglected in Duolingo) is necessary. Good luck! :)


    What works best for me is to learn vocabulary, word order, and lastly grammar. It's also helpful to read a lot in German. I recommend "Knulp", a nice short story by Hermann Hesse.

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