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  5. "我想用手机玩游戏。"


Translation:I want to use my phone to play games.

November 16, 2017



I believe I could also say "I would like to use the phone to play games", since perhaps it is not my own phone but a parent's or sibling's phone.


It rejected "I want to use my cell phone to play games" but I'm not sure why


Same. Fix pls


It's fixed now (Apr 2018).


Same problem . Pls fix


It is accepted only "I would like to play games on my cell phone", but not the literal translation "I would like to play games on the cell phone" - why?


Literal translations are helpful for understanding a language's structure, but they aren't how you speak.


Then why is it "my phone" when it could be some other's phone ?


"I would" in place of "I'd" should also be accepted.


Should it accept "I want to use a phone to play games"?


手机 is specifically a cell phone, not just any phone. While cell phones are usually just called "phones" in English when the distinction is unimportant or clear from context since it's shorter, this doesn't save time or space in Chinese (手机 vs. 电话), and translating 手机 as just "phone" loses the specificity of the original sentence.


you should be able to simply say I want to play games on my mobile


Phone should work as well as cell phone


I think phones are 電話, 手機 is literally "hand phone"


Make sure to report it via the flag.


Please report, that will help the team to enhance
I got 5 positive feedbacks within a week


Chinese doesn't show plurality of objects (as well as for animals or people in many cases), so "play a game" should also be accepted, as long as in Chinese it is the same as "play games" and it is impossible to guess without the context.


I also wrote "I would like to play games on the cell phone".


I strongly dislike that it wants "MY phone" without a 的 anywhere in sight.


I have learned that when it is implied as "my", like in, my son, my daughter, my cell phone, then it is common for a Chinese speaker to leave out the "my" when talking or writing sentences. I learned that in an earlier lesson. Because normally an adult or teenager would play games on their own cell phone and normally not grab someone else's cell phone to play games. The latter would be a less common occurrence. Sure, a child, teenager, or an adult could still not own their own cell phone or could decide to use someone else's cell phone to play video games. That is true.


Cellphone should be accepted as well.


Cellphone is a word. It is not necessary to have it "cell phone"


"I want to use a phone to play games" Why is that incorrect? The Chinese sentence does not specify whether or not it is the subject's phone.


Seem to what to know if its a telephone or a cell phone/moblie


I feel their is something fundmental wrong with this question


Why is it "I would like" rather than just "I like"?


想 - xiang means "want", but it's a more considerate way of expressing it. It's like going to a restaurant and saying "I want" (要 - yao), as opposed to 想 - xiang, "I would like".


But 想要 is also possible


Does anyone have any appreciation for what a tongue-twister this is? Try saying it really fast :D


Can it also be translated as " I want to use my cell phone to play games.?"


A few items back I was corrected for writing 'cell phone' so this time I wrote, as directed, 'cellphone' and was again 'corrected'. Duolingo really has problems with English! I don't know Chinese well enough to say if they are equally hamhanded in 中文!


How can it be assumed it is only my phone that I like to use for playing games?

There is no 我的手机 !!

Cases like this should be fixed.


I believe this is common in Chinese; the "我的"/"my" is implied, and the explicit use of this construction is much less frequent in Chinese than it is in European languages. Without further context, it seems fairly clear that it would be one's own phone that you're using for games; if it was someone else's phone, which is much less likely, that would probably be specified.

That being said, English translations that say "use the phone" or something similar should be accepted by Duolingo as these couldn't be considered incorrect either, even though that's not the preferred or most natural way that one would typically translate these sentences.


Thank you. will said!


I put "i would like to play mobile phone games". T^T almost.


Any form of "cellphone", including "phone", was unavailable. Bizarre.


"I want to play games using my cell phone" was rejected. I interpreted the sentence as if the main verb was 玩 and the 用手機 that came before it was describing the conditions/manner of how it was happening. Was I necessarily wrong?


"My cellphone" is correct? I need Korean version.


"I want to play games using my phone." – wrong? I think not. I have even come to thinking that in these constructions 用 should be translated as 'by', 'via' or, in this case 'on', not 'to use' or 'using'.


I don't see the possessive "my" in the sentence


I also have an issue that it doesnt say 'my'. It should just be 'I want to use phone to play computer games'


Should it accept "I want to play phone games"?


It is not indicated that the phone is mine.


How harddd i had to slow down my speaking for this one


电话 (diàn huà) = electric speech = telephone

手机 (shǒu jī) = hand machine = mobile phone


I have such a problem understanding the audio. Anyone else?


"I want to play games on my phone" should be acceptable


This one is a disaster!


Where is " my "


It's implicit. In oral Chinese, a lot of pronouns can be implicit if clear. Often 的 is also missed out if its an obvious relationship. Duolingo may expect a certain answer with pronoun +的, however


I put I want to use my cell phone to play games and I got it right, and I thought that it was incorrect because when I was talking to my pen friend piano ming (who is Chinese but came over to stay with us for a bit) told me that the way I put it which is seen in top is wrong and I need to add in another word but I didn't agree with her and I still got it right. And guess what people? I am going to China on the October month next year in 2019. My friend was like to me (by the way my pen friend piano ming) was like I shouldn't be to gassed about going to China in 2019 because being in China for a week is just like living in ordinary London but just longer but I was like to her since it would be my first time in 8 years going abroad yo China there is a reason for me to be so gassed. To all the people out their just follow your heart and if you wanna travel abroad then DO IT PEOPLE! LISTEN TO YOUR HEART


I got the error message: "You missed a space." after entering the following answer: "I would like to play games on my cell phone."

That seems like a bug. However, there is no way to report such things using the "Report" facility...


Weak, duolingo, weak...


"I would like use cell phone play game"


that's so bad english grammar though

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