"This is not a fork."

Translation:Tohle není vidlička.

November 17, 2017

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Why can't I write "Tahle" here?


Tahle is either used as a demonstrative:

tahle vidlička - this fork

or as

tahle - this one

For "This/That/It is something" we use "To je"/"Je to".


Why we can say "není to (for example: černobílé)" but we can't say "není tohle...", the only accepted order is "tohle není"?


Hi ... i thought i could use "Tato není vidlička" but was marked incorrect? thanks


See ValdaFu's answer to the similar question from MilanVisnj. Tato is just a slightly more "formal" version of tahle.


Wow this discussion is a year old but last night there was absolutely no other comments here ....i was the first one. Anyway never mind and thanks for pointing out Vladfu's answer. Although it is different question, is he saying the same applies to my use of "Tato"? I realise tato is more formal than tahle but being guided by the tips it looks like they have the same meaning.


Yes, both tato and tahle both mean "this." But those two words are used in a different context than the exercise sentence provides.

The most important part of VladaFu's comment was (um) this:

For "This/That/It is something" we use "To je"/"Je to".

What that means is that, in this exercise and others like it, it must be toto or tohle, not tato or tohle.

I hope this makes sense. If it doesn't, perhaps one of the Czech natives on the team will add something that helps.

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