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the keyboard short cuts for a computer user

this is for people who do not want to take to long on your lessons. i will tell you how to make your favorite lessons shorter and the ones that you do not like shorter than you want.

<pre>enter button- the enter button shortcuts submitting you answer and going to the next question. 1,2,3 buttons- these buttons are shortcuts for the multiple choice questions (but these buttons do not submit your answer. the up and down arrow buttons- these are used for moving the page up and down. </pre>

ctrl and space buttons-are used for replaying audio. (these are helpful when you have to say the word.)

ctrl,shift,space buttons-these buttons are for replaying audio slower (note:these do not always seem like they are really working but are at slowest speed)

these are perfect for rushing to get school work done for everyone. have fun learning and keep lingoing on.

November 17, 2017



Thanks, I know about the enter and numbers but the ctrl,shift,space will be really helpful!!


hears a coin/(lingot) for the help.

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